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The infant deaths following the MMR vaccination ... a Samoan couple here in NZ continue to grieve for their two babies, and more recently, two other Samoan families endure the same agony

“Everywhere these vaccines have been used, child mortality has gone down” says the vaccinologist. Whilst in the US, the country that’s pushing mandatory vaccines, has the… 350 more words


Debunking Common Anti-vax Arguments

As I’ve mentioned in my previous article (and frequently mention on social media) I am pro-vaccine. To me it is the only logical choice, but the anti-vax movement online is huge. 1,608 more words


Homeward Bound: All You Need to Know About Sending Your Peace Corps Pets Home

Caitlin Roman, 128 RPCV

Peace Corps Pets. Some of us have em, some of us want em, some of us would ET without them. Whether you’ve gained a furry friend as a result of loneliness or by special circumstance, a conscious decision or a twist of fate, at some point you’ll be left wondering “what happens when my two years are up?” My advice is to start thinking about it sooner than later because while the process is not that complicated it can be a bit hairy for someone who isn’t allowed to operate a car and who makes about $200 a month. 1,968 more words


HHS Vaccine Fraud Proven

</span>">  Real News With David Knight  Approx. 20 Min

Published July 13, 2018

Del Big Tree explains on “Real News With David Knight”  that in exchange for giving vaccine companies immunity from prosecution for adverse reaction & medical harm, the Federal government said it would take measures to monitor & improve vaccine safety. 263 more words


The Alarming Hep B Vaccine studies every parent should see

The HighWire with Del Bigtree

Published on Jul 14, 2018

Founder of Generation Rescue JB Handley talks with Del Bigtree about the concerning hepatitis B vaccine research coming out of China. 21 more words


Why Isn’t There a Vaccine for Leprosy?

Why do anti-vaccine folks talk about leprosy (Hansen’s disease) so much?

“LEPROSY. I’m curious why there isn’t a vaccine for leprosy. With all the other bazillion vaccines out there, why not one for leprosy?”

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Immunization Schedule

Predicting Protein Functions with Structural Bioinformatics

By Aileen Cai, Cornell University

Various methods are implemented in structural bioinformatics to analyze the chemical composition of genes, proteins, drug ingredients and metabolic pathways to generate large data sets. 812 more words