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Merck knew in 2010 Gardasil caused serious reactions

NOTE: This article cites a press release FROM 2010 that is no longer available. You can however read more about Merck’s knowledge of the possible reactions, including the very short time they tested it with the very small number of ‘guinea pig’ humans in this article by Dr Mercola… 527 more words


Melanie’s Marvelous Measles

A book that Myles Power finds disgusting as it is marketed towards children. Melanie’s Marvelous Measles promotes the idea that vaccinations are ineffective and that children should actively try to contract measles.


Apologies: Offit-Haley Debate

Earlier today a video was posted showing a debate between Dr. Paul Offit and Dr. Boyd Haley set up by the makers as a virtual debate between the two gentlemen about the autism-vaccine debate. 177 more words


Penn State Study Shows Correlation Between Vaccines and Brain Disorders

Researchers from Penn State’s college of medicine and Yale’s school of medicine have discovered that the timing of when vaccines are given may be related to major brain disorders. 135 more words


Analysis of the article ‘Vaccine Freedom of Choice’ By Barbra Low Fisher

This is an analysis of a speech/article presented by Barbara Low Fisher, this is an essay I have written for assessment and it touches on the topics of freedom and vaccines both topics which I believe relate to my blog. 1,056 more words

Pathophysiology of Vaccine-preventable diseases: Part 3

Part 3 is specifically made for Tristan Wells, angry Australian protestor against vaccination and Germ Theory who may or may not have the IQ of a humpback whale.

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Pathophysiology of Vaccine-preventable diseases: Part 2

Viruses are very different. abide to a set of rules:

Rules of Viruses

  • Viruses must replicate to survive.
  • Viruses can’t replicate without a host cell.
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