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Possible Vaccine Combinations for Malaria Identified

In 2017, researchers Bustamante et al. made new progress towards the development of a malaria vaccine by screening a variety of antigens. Still killing thousands each year, primarily in countries with less medical care, malaria is difficult to prevent with a vaccine, due to “high levels of parasite genetic diversity, which makes single target vaccines vulnerable to the development of variant-specific immunity” (Bustamante et. 260 more words


The Madness Of Measles

Alexander Marshall discusses the plight of the measles virus and outlines the problem now facing Europe

An army, dispersed through the air, riding a thousand minuscule droplets of mucus. 699 more words

For All

Watch The Movie Vaxxed! You'll Wish You Could Be UnVaxxed!

Vaxxed; The Movie – a Robert DeNiro commentary! Are you one of those deceived into believing vaccines are good?  Here’s a question nobody is answering, and the propagandists are not even asking.  167 more words

10 Minute Expose - CDC Senior Scientist Exposes Lies & Cover Ups By Vaccine Industry. Japan Says "No" To Many Vaccines!!!

Vaccines Are Dangerous – CDC Covers It Up!

Watch the follow up sequence by staying on the channel when the first one finishes.

“Few know that the Japanese Government has banned many vaccines that are currently mandatory in the United States, causing vaccine pushers in the US to criticize Japanese policy. 283 more words

Children Vaccinated Early Not Unhealthier than Children With Spaced Vaccines

Many parents these days are worried about the effects of vaccines on their children, so another strategy to mitigate these effects as much as possible has arisen. 260 more words


Of 28 Myanmar newborns given the Hep B vaccine in 2016, 3 died & 20 were admitted to emergency care

Myanmar Times

More than 20 newborns remain hospitalised in intensive care units but appear to be improving nearly two weeks after showing signs of blood poisoning following a hepatitis B vaccine. 251 more words


Dear physicians: just stop

I know you want to DO SOMETHING when a patient comes to you complaining of a malady. You feel you have to DO SOMETHING to justify the time the person has spent coming to see you and the money you will ask them to pay you afterward. 283 more words