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Isn't It Fun When You're In A Public Place Without Underwear, And A Slutty Skirt, And Your Pussy Gets So Wet That You Leave Wet Spots Here And There?

You girls know what I’m talking about!

However, it was actually my goal to write a blog posting with a title that would make a man’s dick hard, and possible cause him to jack-off, just by the title alone! 376 more words


My Powerful Pussy!

I am so thankful that I have such a powerful pussy! It can make many people, mostly men and a few women, do just about anything I want them to do! 106 more words


The one thing you need to do after your shower to keep your vagina happy and healthy

Jason James, the medical director of Miami’s FemCare, explained toGlamour that it’s very, very important that you gently dry the outer parts of your vagina with your towel before you put on your clothes.   196 more words


Hot and cold

Adding my original watercolor painting, Hot and Cold. A tribute to how I feel when having my period. Like I’ve said before, I love my period, I feel great except a little belly ache. 54 more words


Anatomy 1-oh!-1

As I have mentioned earlier, and for damned good reasons, I have a strong opposition to children’s rampant use of anatomical terminology, as encouraged by today’s tell-all-parent.   312 more words

Parenting Parody

My Pussy Gets So Wet, How About Yours?

I am sorry that it’s been quite a few days since my last steady posts. I wanted to ask my female readers… “Does your pussy get wet when you read some of my adventures?” I know I don’t have to ask the guys, because most of them get hard dicks from just about anything… but I would like to hear from both my female and male readers alike, especially the ones who are masturbating while they read my stories, or even later on, when they replay the story in their minds! 304 more words