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The Transgressive Void

The Transgressive Void: An exploration of the assumption of taboo and vandalism in Anish Kapoor’s Dirty Corner

Initially written as my dissertation towards a BA in Art History and Visual Culture, this piece has become an interesting ‘think’ work which I wanted to share as a way to start off this new enterprise of mine. 11,834 more words

Anish Kapoor

#0096 - Jane

Why:  To see what people think of my body and my pussy

Age: 35

Country: USA



How Not to Write a Resume, or How to Perfect Your Hooker Alias

Doesn’t it just feel like filling out your own death warrant every time you make a resume/CV? (What the hell does CV stand for, Cock-Owner Verification? 556 more words


How can I orgasm with a partner?

The truth is that people with vulvas experience orgasm mostly through clitoral stimulation rather than through vaginal penetration. If you find it difficult to reach an orgasm try clitoral stimulation before, during or after sexual intercourse or oral sex. 307 more words

Women's Sexual Life

#0095 - Jane

Why:  my husband always tells me i have the pussy of a 20 year old. Im 35 and want to know is my pussy still as good as a 20 year olds?

Age: 35

Country: USA


Girl In Panties Tases Herself In Vagina

You can easily go for the “she’s perpetuating the dumb blonde stereotype” angle here. Like easily. I mean she looks like a dumb blonde who’s about to tase the shit out of her pussy. 249 more words

6 Signs of an Unhealthy Vagina

Do you have an unhealthy vagina? Maybe it’s not on purpose, but maybe your vagina isn’t being given the attention it needs and deserves. Read on to see whether you’re experiencing any of the following problems that suggest you may have an… 335 more words