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Can coronary heart disease be cured completely? What is the best treatment for coronary heart disease?

The heart is the core of the human organs, the heart once the health problems, the person’s physical condition worrying. Among heart diseases, there is a disease called coronary heart disease, which has a high incidence among middle-aged and elderly people. 521 more words


What kinds of gynecological diseases are obese people prone to?

Hey, this gynecological disease is really not worry, overweight people easily get high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. But so far, gynecology experts also found that obese people are also prone to common gynecological diseases? 256 more words


Guizhou man to daughter "start" to 14 year old girl fainted

Although it is common that teenage girls are pregnant, this problem has a lot to do with improper sex education. But in addition, a moral and ethical issues, but also gradually to a young woman out of the black hand. 2,350 more words


About girls "abortion" - I have to say!

Abortion is also called artificial abortion, with the progress of society, family planning regulation, entered the hospital abortion women more and more. That is not just killed a young life, in fact, for women’s health, damage is great. 739 more words


Six misconceptions about breast cancer in women

Breast cancer is a big threat to women’s health, but a lot of people have misconceptions about breast cancer and can’t treat breast cancer properly. The following will bring you some knowledge of breast cancer, so that everyone in the prevention of breast cancer process to avoid these mistakes, the correct protection of the breast. 550 more words


Cervicitis suppository price, the correct use of cervicitis suppository?

Cervicitis suppository price

: cervicitis suppository

: Yu Weijian words (2004) No. N0270

: 2 grams per grain, 6 capsules per carton, 600 boxes / pieces… 180 more words