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Cherry 2011

The most BASIC question a girl/woman is asked is if they are a VIRGIN… As if the answer to this question defines who they are, what they will become, and the result of the “relationship”. 1,243 more words


I Couldn't Help But Watch

I texted my husband to let him know I had to work late. He never responded. I pulled in the driveway about one o’clock in the morning. 1,060 more words

A Very Rude Pear Tart

 I would be bringing dessert for a Saturday night dinner and was feeling uninspired until I went shopping. 611 more words


Cassandra Bankson Show Us What It’s Like To Live With Two Vaginas

BuzzFeed — “It’s probably like a nose if you could imagine it upside down.”

YouTube personality Cassandra Bankson, known for her miraculous makeup tricks, recently revealed she has two vaginas. 28 more words


Cunnalingis & What The Vagina Likes

My best friend (the guy, not the girl) has a ridiculously long tongue and constantly brags about how great it is at making women feel amazing. 369 more words

Vagina Panic is real

There is nothing worse than experiencing vagina panic. Vagina panic is when you convince your brain that you have every single vagina ailment known to woman. 962 more words