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14 Pussy Jokes (offensive)

Death, The Grim Comedian, presents a video containing 14 funny and offensive pussy / vagina jokes. If you like your jokes dark and offensive, this is the channel for you! 126 more words

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Let's Talk About Vaginas

By Joanna Chineme Abaraoha

It recently dawned on me that vaginas are still a taboo point of discussion in the United States. As a Nigerian woman and as a well educated woman I know that vaginas are taboo in almost all the countries of Africa as well as in parts of Asia and South America. 466 more words


#0178 - Boo Boo Kittyfuck

Why:  For a dare and to see what people think of my vagina

Age: 18

Country: UK


Seen Heard Said

Hubz:  So, if you could live anywhere you wanted for a year, where would it be?

Me: Doesn’t the knot on that tree look like a vagina?



My mother told me an incident that happened in her life. I put myself in my mother’s shoes and felt the helplessness she went through. It begins with a death. 1,489 more words

A man has created a 'feminine lipstick' as an alternative to pads, tampons and cups

Ladies, listen up – it’s the period product we’ve all been waiting for.  And the best part?  It was designed by a man.  Introducing “Feminine Lipstick” by Mensez, a glue designed to stop your menstrual flow.  408 more words


#0177 - Roxanne

Why:  Cuz I love that pussy

Age: 47

Country: USA