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Gwyneth Paltrow's vagina is squeaky clean. RANT ALERT.

I know, I know, this is probably old news to you kids by now, but I only found out about it cos a friend told me the other night, so I reserve my right to rant about it in a retrospective fashion.   482 more words


Beautiful Pussies...

So inviting…

Sometimes I wonder if anyone has ever looked at a picture of a nice, wet pussy on the internet and then broken their nose trying to shove their face into the monitor. 25 more words


New Dating Show Has People Pick Their Dates Based On What Their Genitals Look Like!

This is one of the craziest things we have ever heard. I guess they ran out of ideas for dating shows.

The newest line of dating shows has people picking their dates based on what their genitals look like. 147 more words


Advice Column: Stupidity Hurts


I was dating a guy for about three months. I was taking it at an easy pace. In the pass I would rush into a sexually relationship and it would end just as fast as we started. 1,300 more words


The Heeldo Actress Naked Shitty Scatolibel #24

Οι πτερνόλισβοι, μια παράσταση που δεν είδαμε, στο Θέατρο Βυρσοδεψείο.


Esto pasa cuando tu vagina se “deprime”

Solo imaginar que nuestra vagina puede “deprimirse”, es suficiente para que a nuestra mente acuda la imagen de ésta llorando o quejándose; sin embargo, este término se refiere a una condición que pocas mujeres conocen o hablan:  296 more words