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14 Bisexual Women Answer: "Which Is Better -- Penises Or Vaginas?"


“I prefer women because they’re softer and prettier and smell better, but every once in a while I like to sit on a big fat cock and ride it like a coin-operated kiddie ride. 673 more words

Clothes To Keep the Ladybits Happy!!

Hello Nudettes!

Double dose today, huh!? Well, while I do have other posts that I want to write about and some that are even drafts, this impromptu post references something that’s near and dear to me; Vaginas! 446 more words

Watch These Women Describe Their Vaginas To An Artist And Try To Pick Them Out Of A Lineup

BuzzFeed enlisted a few women to sit down with a professional portrait artist and describe themselves. More accurately, their vaginas. Based on that verbal description, the artist would create portraits and then ask the women to pick their vagina portraits out of a lineup. 77 more words

Web Culture

Facts You Didn Know about Vaginas

Numerous females and a lot of men know really little about vaginas. Surprising considering how much interest they receive from both males and women. Yet for numerous the lack of understanding can actually cause problems, both in the bedroom along with physically. 38 more words

It Came from the Trash Pile: MGTOW mad-libs edition

Today, another little treasure from the trash pile — that is, a comment someone left here but that I decided not to let through but which I have since decided might be worth sharing with the world. 1,378 more words


5.1 Stuffing an Orifice. (or) Slip Stitches Are For Bitches!

Inner Voice: Ok, buddy. Are we ready to get serious and write a proper essay? Go deeper? Be more thought provoking and analytical?

Me: Nooo. That sounds horrible. 904 more words


SF YouTube Star Proclaims 'I Have 2 Vaginas' -- And She's Definitely Not The Only One

With over 1.5 million views, YouTube star Cassandra Bankson’s video where she announces she has (wait for it) TWO vaginas, continues to cause some head scratching. 315 more words