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Women Are Naming Their Ladyparts After The Last Movie They Saw Because Why Not?

Because the internet will never run out of creative steam, a new Twitter meme has women naming their vaginas after the last movie they saw. That’s literally it. 418 more words


Sparkle Puss

While channel surfing late one night, unable to sleep in the steamy Midwestern heat, I was introduced to a bold trend that is making a comeback in Hollywood. 966 more words


Moses and the Open Eyed Sneeze (Postscript)

1 Another year, another wrinkle in the face of Father Time. Moses certainly feels like that mythical figure, sans the wings, scythe and hourglass of course. 253 more words


Moses and the Open Eyed Sneeze (Chapter Four)

1 Craning carefully, Moses peeps into the kitchen.

2 Zipporah is fluttering about the cookstove, crooning something or other. Thank God she seems to have mellowed. 394 more words


Hard Ball

Experimenting with black out poetry. The original text is from 30 Rock, which I blacked out to make it this. Enjoy.

This is such an honor, 258 more words

Gratitude 11August16 Hair Control

Today I am thankful

  • Every day with Santi is a good day
  • Me 3    Fruit Flies 0
  • Paperwork is done! Yeah

As a woman, I know that I have few options when it comes to controlling the growth of hair that covers my vagina. 392 more words

Browns, Vaginas, And a Recipe!

Seventeen years ago today was a Monday. The Cleveland Browns returned to the field for the first time in four years and they beat the Dallas Cowboys by 3 points. 1,485 more words