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15 Men Describe The Perfect Vagina


“The perfect vagina is like a perfect handshake—the grip has to be strong and solid. A perfect vagina would be one whose kegel muscles are so strong they could strangle a horse. 814 more words

This Woman Surprised Guys With Pictures Of Her Lady Parts As A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

Being a woman in the hardscrabble world of online dating is no easy task, especially when we’re plagued by one of the scuzziest, weirdest, and unasked for things of all time: unsolicited d*ck pics. 360 more words


"So, It Looks Like Your Pap Came Back Abnormal"

I’m in my kitchen, daydreaming about a new laptop, willing my computer to please move faster than the glacial pace it had settled on operating at lately. 577 more words


Your Pregnancy Week By week

Week 1

Nothing has happened yet. However this still counts as week 1. It’s a little baffling, but treat it like the FREE space on a BINGO card- say thank you and don’t ask questions because it’s going to get a lot more memorable real fast. 478 more words


Jessica Biel Talks "Magical Vaginas," Vibrators

Jessica Biel has an amazing body.
This much was made clear after the actress made a public appearance about six months after giving birth to her first child with husband Justin Timberlake, a boy named Silas. 15 more words

Learning How to Masturbate

I’ve talked a couple times about the one-woman show I wrote about my vagina (see here and here). So I thought I’d share an excerpt. 1,627 more words


I will find you. And I will kill you. Or maybe eat a Twizzler.

The last two times that I’ve had my super fun annual trip to the gynecologist, he has assured me wholeheartedly that I am NOT in the pre-menopause stage. 565 more words