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Hands Off My Pussy

There’s been a lot of public pussy talk over the last few weeks and I’m here to tell you that there’s only one Pussy I’m interested in, apart from my own, and his name is… 338 more words

A Voluptuous Mind

The more you know.


As the Gremlin gets older I am learning a lot about myself and my parenting abilities, but I am also discovering all of the things I wish I had of known prior to becoming a mother. 532 more words


3 hours and 13 minutes of pussy worshiping, back arching, finger licking good music about cunnilingus. For those days when you need a little body roll in your strut. 72 more words

Sexual Health
Am I the only one that figured out masturbation by discovering I could squeeze my thighs together REALLY hard in elementary school math class? No? Just me? 1,427 more words
Sexual Health
You should all know this is proudly displayed at my corporate office work desk, educating the masses. Enjoy (please disregard the number of male names and let's all make a pact to empower more female sex researchers, shall we?)

Full and original piece: here.

Sexual Health

Blame The Vagina For Our Ignorance.

Intelligence has a limit, much like a cup of tea. It can be filled to the brim but pass that and it will spill its delicious contents on the table. 302 more words


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The problems associated with birth are just one of many problems associated with the human body. This was a great post.

7 WTF Facts You Never Knew About Vaginas

How well do you really know your vagina? I know that sounds like an odd question, but think about it. Are you pretty well acquainted with your lady parts or could you use an anatomy lesson from  466 more words

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