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CB: For most of my life, I have been incredibly (some may say obsessively) concerned about the smell/taste of my HooHa, (especially because most of my diet consists of salt, carbs, cheese, and more cheese). 697 more words
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Things you can (usually) expect in pelvic floor physical therapy

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re vaguely – or incredibly -interested in what happens in a pelvic floor physical therapy session. I know I sure was when I scheduled my first session way back in July 2013. 1,598 more words

Lady Parts

kardashians, purity balls and cutting off hands, oh my

The following conversation just took place in my home:

A: Which cultures seem the most foreign to you?

B: Probably the ones in which punishment for petty theft is getting your hand cut off, or if a man is convicted of a crime, part of his sentence is the gang rape of his daughter, barbaric things like that… 79 more words

Things That Make Me Bang My Head Against The Wall

MONA, clothing, and other conversations

we came to hobart for a lot of small, specific reasons. i wanted to be here because i see myself in hobart more than any other city i’ve ever been to – i like that it’s small, quite isolated, and almost as close as i can get to the bottom of the world without needing to touch antarctica.  454 more words

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#BangingBookClub: The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler

 Yes, I haven’t blogged for ages. Yes, this should have been posted in February. Yes, I’m sorry. Now on with the show…  *

(*I truly am sorry) 708 more words

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I Asked A Bunch Of People How They Felt About Their Vulvas

“Moving from phonetics to etymology, ‘vagina’ originates from a word meaning sheath for a sword. Ain’t got no vagina.” ~ Inga Muscio

So, a late night conversation on Twitter last week led me to conduct some more polling.

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