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Christ, that headline makes me sad. The article is slightly better, although describing sheet masks as a recent invention is, uh, nah.

I liked the final line, a quote from a dermatologist. 161 more words

I Hate The Beauty Industry

The First Diagnosis

Note: As I mentioned last week, I’m chronicling my adventures into the land of sexual pain mainly to help educate, and help other women who may experience or will experience these types of issues. 1,758 more words

Accidental vaginas, evening light and Jonny

Jen possibly accidentally​ sending vaginas to someone that wasn’t me.

The light on the buildings.

Date night with Jonny. He’s back. I love him so much. 7 more words

A little article about one of my least favorite personal battles. 
Author’s Note: I use the term “women” where I could have chosen to use the term “vagina-owners” in a lot of this piece. 1,283 more words
Sexual Health

31 People Share Their Honest Opinion On Vaginas

Found on AskReddit.

1. You spend nine months getting out and the rest of your life trying to get back in.

“You spend nine months getting out and the rest of your life trying to get back in.” 942 more words

5 Ways You Are Making Your Vagina Sad

Your Vagina is the most sensitive body part that treats you to tons of pleasure during sex, cleans itself by producing daily discharge, and stands ready to expand to the size of a watermelon if you decide to have a baby. 545 more words



First installment of Ménage à Trois on Minds Like Empty Rooms: For a belated International Women’s Day. A bit late, but forever relevant. And don’t forget, every day is Women’s Day. 985 more words