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Confronted by vaginas

My original plans for Friday night did not include almost getting smacked with a riding crop.

My original plans did not involve seeing my philosophy professor grab herself as she let out a mountaintop moan, and they certainly did not include watching her bounce up and down as she panted a doggy moan. 674 more words


An Elected Official In Charge Of Making Laws Just Found Out That Vaginas Are Not Connected To Stomachs

In case you’re thinking about sitting out your next local election, allow me to share a story about just how refreshingly informed one of our current state lawmakers is. 438 more words

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“I’d rather be a smooth Barbie doll at the moment as my vag is doing nothing for me.”

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February Book Review: The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler

The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler is a poignant and witty collection of informal interviews, stories and experiences related by women from all different walks of life celebrating female sexuality and bringing to light sexual violence against women. 509 more words

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The Truth About Vaginas

Personally, I struggle with accepting my body for what it is thanks to porn altering what men think about women’s bodies. Porn usually shows women with very small labia (often due to a labiaplasty, or surgical removal of parts of the labia), causing some men to believe that all vaginas look like that and that women with larger or more labia (I have heard the term “roast beef”) got that way from having a lot of sex; which is the absolute stupidest thing I have ever heard. 252 more words


Camel Toes

I’m convinced that some girls never have to worry about them, simply for the fact that their vaginas are cute and and small.
My best friend Shannon, who I’ve mentioned before, does not have the problem that I do. 490 more words