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Ontario's Sexual Education Conundrum: How well do we know our bodies?

Let’s talk about sex: We adults know it’s a hot topic; we make a big deal about it every day. From advertisements, to magazine covers, to politics, our lives revolve around sex. 674 more words


8 Awkward Things Nobody Acknowledges About Having A Vagina

Though male bodies are often used for humor in the media, female bodies are typically depicted as delicate, pristine, and best suited as sexual objects. … 499 more words

'You Threw Up In My Vagina' Might Be The Most Romantic Craigslist Missed Connection Ever

While we all know that at least 90 percent of the internet is fake, I’m going to play the devil’s advocate with this Craigslist Missed Connection, which at the time of this writing… 169 more words

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The Interview Series: I Have Nothing

He had written a guest post for us over the summer, and I knew when I conceived of the interview series idea, I was going to want to delve more deeply into how he had come to marry a woman who refused sex and subjected him to terrible emotional blackmail. 1,673 more words


Roast Beef Vaginas

Okay so I saw this meme and it said:

‘When she pull down her panties and you realize you made a mistake’

And naturally, it was a picture of a roast beef sandwich. 274 more words

The Interview Series: The Best Flowers Bloom Late

My first question was where he first learned about sex and from whom. He wanted clarification—did I mean the concept or “the intricacies and what to actually do”? 1,681 more words