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I've become a sexual health hypochondriac

Since dating someone who was absolutely riddled, I’ve become a sexual health hypochondriac.

Until 2016, I had mainly only slept with a handful of people, who I was in relationships with, and they had each slept with as few people as me. 2,306 more words


The Vagina and the Menopause

Vagina and the Menopause is a good name for an all female rock band don’t you think?


Moving on then…

I’ve droned on about so many aspects of the menopause but the thing that I have struggled with the most is the fact that my body is… 1,031 more words


Αυτά είναι τα πιο περίεργα αντικείμενα που αφαιρέθηκαν…

…από τους κόλπους γυναικών και από τους πρωκτούς ανδρών το 2017 στις ΗΠΑ!

H εφημερίδα Mirror δημοσίευσε την Πέμπτη 28/12/2017 κάποιες άκρως ανησυχητικές συμπεριφορές των Αμερικανίδων με μια λίστα με τα πιο … παράξενα αντικείμενα που αφαιρέθηκαν από γυναικείους κόλπους στα νοσοκομεία της χώρας το 2017. 10 more words


Is Your Vagina Normal?

I’m back! I apologize to my readers about my long break. In these past three months my family has been hit with one punch after the other. 1,845 more words

Cooking together, pizzas and nan chat

A day of cooking all together. I made vulva mince pies. Obvs.

Pizza oven pizzas for Christmas Eve dinner. Sitting out by the fire with dad and Ben was lovely. 25 more words

The Year of ME

Not only do I still have a little voice in my head telling me NOT to title this with what I titled it with, but I also know where that voice comes from, and I also know that I am going to spend the next year empowering myself and silencing that voice. 1,096 more words

Does Size Matter? Let's Talk Dicks

“He got a little one!”


Yes, I’m talking about penis.

Okay ladies, enough of that dicks are gross and I’d never put one of those near me until I’m married talk… 1,050 more words