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What if I've never had an orgasm?

Before all else you must know that there are many people who don’t experience orgasms. In fact 30% of people with vulvas find it difficult to reach an orgasm when having sex with their partner. 179 more words


What It Feels Like For A Girl

The first time a male exposed himself to me I was five years old, and it was below the lunch table in our kindergarten class. Hey, look, he said and there was a tiny five year-old dick, right out in the open, lolling around in its owners grasp. 1,312 more words

Public Life

Yeast is only good in Bread!

Yeast infections are gross and never talked about and so gross but need to be talked about!

Have you ever had a yeast infection? According to google (and my Doc backed this up), the average women should have no more then 3 yeast infections a year-the main causing factor being stress. 459 more words

Vagina interest, standard date night and omgyes

Multiple people asking to see my vagina print. At the same time.

Date night with Jonny. The classic Turkish food at Petek, beer at the Fullback and ping pong and dance machine at Rowan’s. 14 more words

And the Survey Says? Guys Like Vagina. All Kinds of Vaginas

Let’s get crude, crass and most of all REAL for a moment…

Listen I know and am aware that all guys don’t like vajays … I get that. 317 more words


"Not Voting with my Vagina"

Now the usual response to this would be “shut up, nobody is asking you to”.

Except this year, it really is kind of important to consider one’s vagina when casting one’s ballot in this year’s election. 345 more words


As a Trans Man Touched Inappropriately by an Adult Male When I was 13, I Find Trump Triggering | Dominick Evans

I sincerely thank Dominick for sharing a good part of his life and the adverse  actions that have occurred and I wish Dominic well for the future. 79 more words