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Why? Well, Vaginismus!

Vaginas are an enigma.

I don’t even understand my own. I’ve heard of people calling their ‘lady garden’ her best friend. Well this ‘friend’ is an absolute nightmare, one that I would have kicked out of my life years ago. 115 more words


A new study confirms that scientists still don’t know what to make of female orgasms like wtf is happening with these crazy chicks and their nerve endings??

I’m so susceptible to clit-bate; any new article or opinion piece that claims to have ‘solved the mystery of the female orgasm’ *. It’s 2016, the stock photo from ‘When Harry met Sally’ is still the only image the media uses in articles like this, and I am still coming across headlines that ask “how do women really know if they are having an orgasm?” … 1,207 more words


There Are Five Kinds Of Vaginas In The World, Apparently

Do you know vagina actually come up with FIVE major archetypes. Of course, not all vaginas fit into these categories. This is just to help us to understand this weird ‘secret’ we keep from our friends and society at large is not as scandalous or peculiar as we may have thought. 150 more words


25 Girls Describe Their Reaction The First Time They Saw A Penis In Real Life

Found on AskReddit.

1. I thought penises were shaped like road cones.

“All my life I thought penises were shaped like road cones. I was absolutely taken aback when I saw one for the first time. 1,199 more words

Just say it: VAGINA!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve liked magazines.

My grandma used to always have a People or any number of trashy tabloids laying around that I loved to flip through and look at all the pictures of the celebrities and suspected space aliens. 1,080 more words


Living and Growing!

Being a parent means teaching your child about life. Answering their questions and guiding them into the right choices. But sometimes those questions can lead into more questions. 589 more words

A Day In The Life