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Troubleshooting Sex

Sex can be physically painful, and that doesn’t mean “you’re doing it wrong”.

When we speak with young people about sex in frank and honest ways, one question that we often hear is “does sex hurt?” We hear this question because there’s a common line in media and conversations about sex, which says how much it hurts for girls (people with vulvas, more accurately) to “lose their virginity.” We hear phrases like “popping the cherry” and “tearing the hymen,” and sex educators everywhere grimace to hear these phrases. 1,680 more words

What on earth is "tenting"?

Today’s blog post is brought to you by reader questions, duoballs and the letter “V”

I received a question from a reader when I mentioned that I had a low-sitting cervix in this review of the… 668 more words

“With its blood-red brick” by Sasha on Pender Island

Sunday May 20, 2018
The Virgin Cure
Ami McKay

Some women have broccoli pussies. Just a fact. Some women have grapefruit ones, at least they taste like that, at least that’s what some people say. 83 more words

To Be or Not to Be a Mother?

It’s Okay to Be Indifferent About Motherhood


If You Don’t Know, It Won’t Kill You

There was only one time in my life when I considered becoming a mother. 872 more words

badass women

So into this song.

I’m possibly a little late to the Janelle Monáe bandwagon, but I’m just now starting to click with her music, and the only thing I can say is that at least I’m getting to enjoy all her songs for the first time. 77 more words

Oh Hello

Vagina Snot

A brief interlude about vaginal discharge.

Most vaginas produce discharge. The vagina is a mucous membrane, and in order to stay clean and damp, constantly produces tiny amounts of clear or white-ish discharge. 342 more words

"I found an opossum" by Sasha at Jamjar

Monday April 23, 2018
2:39pm at Jamjar
5 minutes
Dirty Work
Nancy Matson

I found an opossum in the garden and I don’t know if you’ve ever seen one but they are strange looking little things. 83 more words