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10cm and counting..

Well with just weeks to go, my formal conclusion is that my Midwifery degree is like a cervix. Tough, rugged, stubborn at times, but also stretchy and lets loose when in the right mood! 1,172 more words

The Fruits of the Vagina

Many people have this idea that food has a huge connection to the vagina. Today we are going to talk about it. Just to be clear, food directly changing how the vagina smells and reacts is wrong. 252 more words


Make Vaginas Great Again

Eat that cat like a lion. Does it taste like vagina? Coz if it doesn’t then it really isn’t. Guyz that go down on girls know that nothing on this earth tastes quite like it. 955 more words

Loving yourself and your P

‘The Great Wall of Vagina’ by Jamie Mcartney

Ladies and Ladies,

Going through puberty was definitely a time of curiosity for me. Specifically about what my P looked like and whether it was “attractive” or not. 264 more words

We need to talk about vulvas

Like most of the world, I’ve been quarantined at home for over two months.  I miss a lot of things, including book clubs, writing classes and random Brighton events. 615 more words

Single Life

Ask the Midwife

*In this post, I was lucky enough to be able to use the artwork from the incredible Jovanna Eriksson. Check her gorgeous prints and merch out  1,173 more words


Women have got it ALL wrong!

It’s been staring us in the face all this time…

After waking up in Ernie’s bed, for some unbeknown reason, I pulled up the blind and saw the male Starling that has recently set up home in an old alarm box on the side of the house. 1,394 more words