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I had my vagina pried open for the second time this month.

Last week I had my first yeast infection. Today I had my first IUD inserted. 297 more words

My Favorite Ways to Masturbate

I call this one the “Sensory Deprivation”

  • Get into your comfiest clothes, make sure nice light and breathable (if you’re doing it right you should be sweating)
  • 479 more words

Blood, Sweat and Vaginas!

This review is now available! Click here to view it.

A review is on the way for The Write Network’s Blood, Sweat and Vaginas to be staged at the Bread and Roses Theatre as part of the Clapham Fringe! 32 more words

Elizabethan Theatre

Goop Was Forced To Pay A $145K Settlement Over Misleading Health Claims About 'Vaginal Eggs'

Goop, the so-called “lifestyle brand” company founded by Gwyneth Paltrow, has a history of making suspicious, not super scientific claims when it comes to products and services that… 284 more words


How Did I Not Know Kangaroos Have 3 Vaginas?

Of course I mean just the female ones. This immediately got me wondering about the possible sexist nature of science in the media. If there was an animal out there with even two penises, let alone three, surely we’d all know about it. 544 more words


Hole in one: Amid roars of laughter, Healthline now says that its new "LGBTQIA Safe Sex Guide" doesn't actually replace the term "vagina" with the term "front hole"

Image: ABC

From the Blaze yesterday morning, reporting on the website Healthline’s brand new, ultra-scientific “LGBTQIA Safe Sex Guide”: Transpeople get “triggered” when you use a… 727 more words

Troubleshooting Sex

Sex can be physically painful, and that doesn’t mean “you’re doing it wrong”.

When we speak with young people about sex in frank and honest ways, one question that we often hear is “does sex hurt?” We hear this question because there’s a common line in media and conversations about sex, which says how much it hurts for girls (people with vulvas, more accurately) to “lose their virginity.” We hear phrases like “popping the cherry” and “tearing the hymen,” and sex educators everywhere grimace to hear these phrases. 1,680 more words