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Let’s Talk About Sex

There is nothing better in my book than sex on a boat. So many hot little spaces to explore positions, get handholds, footholds and play. When the boat is rockin don’t come knockin! 2,410 more words


Why does vulva seem to be the hardest word?

WE need to talk about vulvas. I know it might not seem like a top priority right now, with the UK imploding around us, but this is important. 94 more words


Outspoken And Strong-Willed And In Your Face - Discover VAGINAS, WHAT ELSE?...

Thrilled by up and coming misfits

16 August 2019

VAGINAS, What Else? is a Belgian feminist trio with a lot to say, to scream and to yell about. 119 more words

Shout Out

Cycle 5 day 14

Today, my ovaries have decided that 5 eggs was way too many. I now have one at 19mm and one at 9mm on the right, and one at 10mm on the left. 91 more words


Vaginismus and trauma, part two

This is a two-part series on vaginismus and sexual trauma.
Content warning: explicit discussion of vaginas and what feels good.
See part one here. 1,154 more words

My Unsexual Revolution

Diane Shipley | Longreads | July 2019 | 17 minutes (4,293 words)

In November 1998, I had sex for the first and last time. I was 19, my boyfriend was 21, and we’d been together for 10 months, long-distance. 4,441 more words


Scary, Scary Vaginas* by Trelawney Grenfell-Muir

I finally figured out what my feminist superpower is: I shrink the genitals of insecure men. No, really– all it takes is a few words, or sometimes just a look, without saying anything. 1,149 more words

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