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Thrilled by up and coming misfits

16 August 2019

VAGINAS, What Else? is a Belgian feminist trio with a lot to say, to scream and to yell about. 119 more words

Shout Out

Cycle 5 day 14

Today, my ovaries have decided that 5 eggs was way too many. I now have one at 19mm and one at 9mm on the right, and one at 10mm on the left. 91 more words


Vaginismus and trauma, part two

This is a two-part series on vaginismus and sexual trauma.
Content warning: explicit discussion of vaginas and what feels good.
See part one here. 1,154 more words

My Unsexual Revolution

Diane Shipley | Longreads | July 2019 | 17 minutes (4,293 words)

In November 1998, I had sex for the first and last time. I was 19, my boyfriend was 21, and we’d been together for 10 months, long-distance. 4,441 more words


Scary, Scary Vaginas* by Trelawney Grenfell-Muir

I finally figured out what my feminist superpower is: I shrink the genitals of insecure men. No, really– all it takes is a few words, or sometimes just a look, without saying anything. 1,149 more words

Women's Voices

Vaginismus and trauma, part one

This is a two-part series on vaginismus and sexual trauma.
See part two here.

Trigger Warning: explicit discussion of vaginas and sex. semi-graphic description of rape (beneath a page break). 1,476 more words


living dangerously

Yes, even more than usual.

My Mirena IUD – the only thing between me and an entire flock of verbose, busty children – expired in February. 831 more words

This Stepford Life