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30 Days Post-Op RFF Phallo

Hey fellas! Wow, so today is 30 days since surgery! It’s been a wild ride. Lots of different things I’ve felt over the past month – both emotionally and physically. 5,190 more words

Surgeon Option: Dr X*

*I haven’t confirmed with the doctor yet whether he’s happy for his name to be in a blog – so for now he will be “Dr X.” If he advises he’s happy to be named – it’ll change. 917 more words



Couldn’t resist..

International readers, this may go well over your heads. Just google Jeremy Hunt NHS.

Life after cancer


Above is a great article. It is very hard to explain how the cancer experience changes you. I will never be the same again, physically or mentally. 317 more words


Please do excuse the title of this post. It seems to be a word that isn’t thrown about a great deal. Even spell check wants to change it to vasectomy.   479 more words