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Did someone say UTIs?

Could this explain one of the many reasons why homeless women have a lower life expectancy?

Beyond the emotional impact where the dignity for these homeless women is so far fetched are the concerns of their health.

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How To Treat Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

​Any bodily discharge can be embarrassing. If you don’t know how to hygienically cope with vaginal discharge, you may have issues with odor and/or staining that can lead to additional embarrassment. 1,158 more words


Push your body's RESET button!

Do you feel sluggish? Are you having it out with acne? Tired of gastrointestinal issues like GERD, constipation, and/or acid reflux? Or even recurring yeast infections… 461 more words


This may be TMI...

I’ve been sitting on this draft for a while, but somebody has to say something! Often viewed with the stigma of being the “nasty woman’s disease”, over 75% of women deal with yeast infections more than 4 times a year, and anywhere from 9-23% are affected by bacterial vaginosis (BV); which means these antibiotics the doctors prescribe are NOT the answer! 941 more words


Prevenir y curar la infección de orina

Cuando llega el verano y al comenzar a ir a la playa llega algo no deseado para las mujeres:   La temible infección de orina y los hongos vaginales. 513 more words


Chronic Vaginal Infections

I recently heard an informative lecture at the 2016 ACOG Annual Clinical Meeting about new research and treatment of chronic vaginitis. Dr Chemen Tate from the Indiana University School of Medicine spoke about the different causes of chronic vaginal infections. 403 more words


Vaginal flora and native species

My husband and I trekked up to Sun Valley last week to visit the Theodore Payne Foundation nursery. Theodore Payne was a dude obsessed with California’s natural flora and fauna. 467 more words

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