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As I Gaze Upon Lea Monde (Vagrant Story, a soliloquy in Iambic Pentameter)

Ashley Riot

(SCENE: Outside the Wine Cellar)

I look across the foam-topp’d waves at her,
the abandon’d city whence my quarry
has gone to ground. Their captives, held… 223 more words


Two Minute Game Crit - Weapon Degradation

This video is community funded. To support my work and help me make more of these, please consider visiting my Patreon and becoming a patron. 475 more words

Video Games

Not Supporting Old Gen, Steam Machines and E3

Sorry, it’s a slow news week. What are you guys hoping will happen at E3? Let me know in the comments below.


Facebook: … 7 more words


Top 10: HD Upgrades That Would Actually Be Totally Worth It

Ah, HD. The current ‘trend’ in gaming has the community all riled up again, following two new HD update announcements via Resident Evil 0 (Zero) and Darksiders II. 1,380 more words

PN2 Blog

Top Ten Games By Square That Aren't Final Fantasy

Every so often I write a piece for a website and it doesn’t get accepted for whatever reason. Luckily, I get those pieces back to do with what I will, so I may as well post them on here. 3,105 more words

Top Tens

The dungeon crawl

I have an unusual amount of free time on my hands this winter break. So I’ve decided to indulge my old gaming hobby. In particular, I’ve decided to revisit a game from my childhood that utterly frustrated me: 640 more words

Pop Culture And Its Discontents