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Stories of life

Some stories can never be written though you doggedly keep on forcing yourself. Some stories are tough, too hard to be understood. And there are some, too painful to be tried to. 84 more words



Silence can be deafening. I think it’s safe to say most people have experienced this. I mean in a literal sense, not some metaphor. A complete absence of auditory stimuli leads to an overwhelming shriek of nothing. 1,429 more words


Vague Wish

I wish to be unseen.
Brief to birds
Too deep for bees
And very few for butterflies.

Let them go about their lives
Oblivious to me.



Tell me how did you know
To fill the spaces in me
When I didn’t even know
They existed.
Tell me where did you learn… 102 more words


11. on seven one-sentence thoughts

the smell of my sister’s shampoo reaches my nose, and all at once i am five years old again, under the crook of her arm, a book in her hand, as she reads me the tales and woes of junie b. 228 more words

Creative Writing

#1317: Trouble

Hair:  Iconic Couture Hair – Veda
Choker:  Blueberry – Zara
Bikini:  Vague – Trouble *NEW* @ ELITE
Footwear:  N-core – Menorca *NEW*

Vague Dreams

I had a dream of hearts separated,

Living apart with nothing but hatred,

And in life’s vicious hole, Left isolated

Whether in a grave or among a crowd, they are always dominated… 137 more words