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I went to Mental Hospital and all I got was this Stupid Clickbate Title

Hello reader. You may have noticed I have been absent for a while. You may have enjoyed this absence. You may only be reading this now because you are my friend and feel obligated to do so. 1,514 more words

When an Expat Wife Gets a Job

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a trailing spouse will do one of the following things: get a job, have an affair, or become an alcoholic. 450 more words


I need to stop blogging drunk because I forget to title my posts

This post will set the world record for fastest typed blog post over 500 words, ever. That’s because I’m at the perfect level of drunk where I can type and think of jokes on the fly, but I also only have about 30 minutes until I fall asleep. 576 more words

If I Have To Be The "little Spoon" One More Time, I'm Going To Lose My Shit



March 15, 2010

mike, jesse and the dicker discuss the following topics…….


chris is replacement nappier……

talking about fleshlights……..

baker’s ice……..

jesse’s “fuck me in the shit” story……. 38 more words


Penazzling: the art of making your doo-daa pretty...

About a year ago I did a blog on Vajazzing- the art of making your hoo-haa pretty. Who would have thought that it would be consistently the most viewed post on my entire blog? 600 more words


Vajazzle your Vajay Jay NSFW/Adults Only

There’s a cosmetic practice known as Vajazzling that is increasing in popularity.  It’s been around for several years now and has really evolved.  Vajazzling is when a woman adorns her vagina with rhinestones which form a design, so basically it’s getting you vagina bedazzled.  92 more words