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My Ski Slang Dictionary

My Ski Slang Dictionary

There’s a whole lot of niche phrases that get thrown around on chairlifts and in parks on the mountains. To help you get your head around the lingo, here are some useful definitions. 651 more words


Thrill of the Mountain

Post 1 Day 1

The day is here. After years of deliberating; should I or should I not, I am here. Thrill of the Mountain blog begins today. 359 more words

Chalet Nadine, 21st December

It has not been a harmonious evening.

Mum’s currently deciding whether or not she’s a Zionist and Mimi has just stormed out because Dad and Chris are bemoaning their bad luck at being white, middle-class males. 71 more words

Val d’Isere, 20th December

Before dinner Mimi and I decided to pop into the village to soak up some local culture, by which I mean buy Carambars.

The local authorities have settled for an incongruous Chinese New Year theme for their Christmas lights. 62 more words

Val d’Isere, 19th December

Got clothes-lined by a safety barrier trying to make it onto the same chairlift as Mieke and Mum, very humiliating. Other than that, the day has been mercifully incident-free. 54 more words

Chalet Nadine, 17th December

Our chalet is v lovely, but there is no Christmas tree – very bizarre and unsettling. Maybe chalet company is run by jehovahs witnesses, despite predominant religion in France being Catholicism. 38 more words

Olympic super-G champion Anna Veith wins first World Cup race in two years

VAL D’ISERE, France (AP) — Olympic champion Anna Veith won a World Cup super-G race on Sunday, more than two years after her last win. 530 more words

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