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How much automated/pre-written code will you tolerate in your projects?

For me it depends entirely on the source. I don’t mind using open libraries and that sort of thing, of course. And I’ve also seen programming languages like Vala, which translate into C code and run that; that’s a form of automation, of course, and it can be done quite well. 789 more words


एभलजी वाळा/वाला, Ebhalji Vala

એભલવાળા ૨જા (ઈસ ૧૧૧૩ થી ૧૧૪૯) @

> ‘ઝુંઝારી’ વાળા ઝુંઝારશીજીની વીરગતિ પછી એભલજીવાળા ૨જા તળાજાની ગાદીએ આવ્યા. એભલજી પહેલા પછીના આ પાંચમા વારસદાર વંશધર રાજવી છે. 15 more words


उग्रसेन वाळा (उगा वाळा) Uga Vala

-> ई.स.788 मे शीलादित्य 7 के समय मे ‘वलभीभंग’ हुआ. उस वक्त उसके पुत्र धरसेन (धीरसेन-धारादित्य-शीलादित्य 8) (794-830) मेवाड मे महाराणा खुमान के पास थे. उन्होने सौराष्ट्र मे आकर ¼ सौराष्ट्र जीत लिया और उसकी राजधानी वळा(वलभी के पास) बनाई. 150 more words


Family Friday: Visiting Vala's Second Home.

Happy Friday everyone. If it is Friday of course. Today feels like it’s gone on forever in my opinion. Today Mr. X finally took me out to his new place today and I met his new housemate, her two dogs and her boyfriend. 534 more words


Tired of being tired.

It’s hump day! Again. Feels like Wednesdays come around really quickly and then we’re all looking forward to the weekends again. I used to look forward to the weekends but lately I’m too tired to look forward to anything. 258 more words


Getting organised!

G’day lovely followers! Hope you’ve had terrific Tuesdays! I have been struggling with energy today due to yet another rough night which saw me standing on my bed, alert at 5am to the sounds of Vala screaming from a nightmare. 436 more words


My Sunday Photo

Photo taken by Mr. X one day that he was watching Vala.