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All fun and games

I’m not sure if I should blame it on the very long books I finished just before this one, or what happened exactly, but Ender’s Game (by Orson Scott Card) felt rather quick. 382 more words

Book Series

Ender's Game - Book Review

Author – Orson Scott Card

Pages – 324

Date of original publishing – 15/07/1994

ISBN – 978-0-356-50188-8

My rating – ****

After checking out the opinions of other… 966 more words


Ender’s Game

Orson Scott Card’s hit novel, Ender’s Game, pits its protagonist Ender against the alien Formics in a winner-takes-all interstellar war, but Ender learns that his greatest war is within himself. 2,134 more words


Ender's Game

I have read the book (by Orson Scott Card) and most of the sequels and prequels, so it was with some trepidation that I went to see… 371 more words

Film Review

Movie review: Ender's Games - wasted war[rior]s

Literary critics wittily claim that that the golden age for science fiction is at the ripe age of 14. The Ender’s Game, a hardcore science-fiction flick for teens, makes an adult (especially those addicted to war games) feel like a 14-year-old, and in a good way. 474 more words



Ender’s Game, eternally fighting over the prestigious title of being my all-time favorite story with heavyweight contenders including The Alchemist and The Hobbit, is to me, a story about love. 203 more words