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I could go to a Royal function in the ZJCT Womens V Neck High Low Dress Sleeveless Cocktail Party Dress

I really think that I could be the Belle of the Ball in the ZJCT Women’s High Low Cocktail Dress.  It is beautiful, well designed, and fits me to perfection. 244 more words


Who Needs Hottie Boyfriends and Furniture That Isn’t Stolen From Dumpsters When You Have Love and Approval?

Growing up, I was never one of those girls who dreaded Valentine’s Day because I always knew that I’d get a valentine. Every morning on February 14th, I’d walk down the stairs to find a card, and when I was older a box of chocolates, sitting at my place on the kitchen table. 466 more words


Please think of the fatherless men on Fathers Day.

Please think of the fatherless men on fathers day.

Today is an important day for most men my age. It is when their children thank their dad for all that he has done for them. 230 more words


Balloon blunder

One valentines day, a fair few years ago, I planned a romantic meal to surprise my ex husband for when he got home from work…. I actually have my moments in being a romantic at heart! 257 more words

Funny Story

Love Is In the Air – Put on your facemasks!

Love is again on the collective mind. In TV ads, magazines, the newspapers, they are all in on the fun! This is the time of year when jewelry sales are up, flower sales are up, card sales resurge from their New Year lull. 693 more words


तू लौंग मैं इलाइची ❤️

जानती हो, बहुत गुस्सा आता हैं आजकल हमको। बहुत… मतलब बहुत…बहुत ही ज्यादा। तुम्हारे विरह के आग में सुलग सुलग कर धधकते मन को करता हैं कि ससुरी बेवफ़ा जमाने को फूक दे और फिर खुद को भी।

प्रेम-प्रणय वृत्तांत


My wife and I call each other Bunny or Cuddle Bunny as affectionate pet names. Here is an acrylic painting on a wood tile I did last year for my wife as a Valentines Gift.