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10 Love Songs We Love to Hate -- BLOGGing February 2018

They’re notoriously cheesy, sometimes they’re cringeworthy, but they’re also our guilty pleasures. There’s no shortage of love songs in this world, and sometimes we become painfully aware of that, especially in February when this idea that cliché, movie-style, romance is the only way of showing affection is shoved down our throats. 974 more words


The Greenbrier Valentine's Day Trip

I will admit that prior to 2017, I had never even heard of the Greenbrier. My boyfriend’s family planned a trip there in the fall for his dad’s birthday, and I fell in love. 702 more words

on valentine's

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by jolie

piece #1:

for valentine’s day, i was taken out to dinner – an al fresco, borderline ostentatious rooftop restaurant with a personal waiter to boot. 604 more words


Valentine's Day

“Just go with the flow. You guys are fine.”

Your friend kept telling me this after you apologized. And I hated it.

Go with the flow? 1,243 more words



With all the love and blessings from the wedding showers I’ve been in quite the nesting/baking mood lately. I’d seen a recipe from King Arthur Flour shared a few times on my Facebook and went down quite a rabbit hole one day browsing their recipes. 653 more words


Pinky Promise

According to Wikipedia, pinky promise is the entwining of the pinkies of two people to signify that a promise has been made.

February 14, 2018, one of the most special days that happened in my life so far. 1,707 more words


An Unexpected Chaos

An Unexpected Chaos
By Emma
Writing prompt: You spent Valentine’s Day with the last person you ever expected to

I woke up to my alarm blaring Love Story by Taylor Swift. 1,414 more words