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Banter: Director Garry Marshall is Hilarious

And whoever does the posters for his films:

I mean I am all for consistency, but just having rows and columns of famous people as your posters, over and over again? 74 more words


Sejarah Valentine's Day

Biasanya kita belajar Cara Membuat Website atau Cara Berjualan Online. Sekarang kita bahas sedikit mengenai Valentine’s Day. Apa itu Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day yang tepat dirayakan tanggal 14 Februari.  337 more words

Mariah Carey Has Not One, Not Two, but Three Films in the Pipeline from Hallmark

Just in time for Valentine’s Day next year, Mariah Carey’s first of three movies for the Hallmark Channel will air as part of a contract she signed for a trifecta of made-for-TV flicks that she’ll not only star in but also develop, direct, executive-produce, and all-around be the massive diva that we all know and love, … 341 more words


21: Alex Starting Ownership

As the packed hall emptied Alex told everybody to wait. He opened the stage cargo doors and brought the car right to the stage.
He set the back seat flat and unrolled a mattress. 4,269 more words

Adult Fiction

PR shoot for Jet2.com & Jet2holidays - Valentines at Manchester Airport

PR shoot for Jet2.com & Jet2holidays – Valentines at Manchester Airport

All photography by Claire Epton

© Jet2.com & Jet2holidays


Beet Almonds


  • Almonds
  • Water
  • Beet Powder


  1. Soak almonds overnight
  2. Remove skins
  3. Coat in beet powder
  4. Bake in oven at 200F for 4 hours 15 minutes
  5. 6 more words

20: Alex Behind the Whip

Vicky watched Alex as she sat down. He was in deep thought while a sound technician fixed a microphone to his shirt collar.
Vicky knew it must have been a busy day. 5,657 more words

Adult Fiction