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How to write a love letter

The letter predates the envelope so they were still corresponding and I hope, still in love and having marvelllus weekends together. The last pages of the letter are missing – the person who loved Alice so dearly remains a secret. 26 more words


Valentine's Day

We shared a bed and laid there face to face- I forget for how long. It felt like forever after such a long night.

We weren’t spooning or cuddling or even holding hands- how could we? 370 more words

Love Story

Thanks to Kalpart for Adding the Silver Global eBook Award to the Cover of A Dime is a Sign

Thanks to Kalpart Illustrations, illustrator of all my books, for adding the Silver Medal Global eBook Award to the cover of A Dime is a Sign!

Sherrill S. Cannon


“So, tell me, Marina…” Jackie began as she put her work away for the day. “What big plans do you have for Valentine’s Day?”

Marina shook her head and sighed. 797 more words