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Asgard - Home Of The Aesir 1st Part

Asgard is possibly the most famous of all the nine realms of the Norse cosmology. It is to be expected, it is the place where the most famous deities live and it is also the place where Valhalla is, the great hall of the fallen warriors, which is the source of many epic sagas and wonderful tales. 832 more words

The Nine Worlds

Valgrind - Suppressing CUDA/ZMQ/IPP/OpenMP Errors

Valgrind is great, but it doesn’t recognize some calls like CUDA’s. This means that Valgrind frequently reports these as leaks, even when they are legitimate calls. 389 more words


Valgrind - Dealing with IPP / AVX Related False Positives

Update: Valgrind 3.11 doesn’t show the AVX errors mentioned below. So if you have the option, upgrading it to 3.11 is probably the better option.  370 more words