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Netbeans C/C++ template with Valgrind and -Wall

Netbeans is a great free IDE, one I recommend to all beginners.

For C/C++ coding, it has one important drawback though: -Wall is not selected by default, which is something absolutely required for beginners. 329 more words


Random testing: using segmentation fault as an oracle

In the previous post, I used valgrind to detect an out-of-bounds access in the program from the  Software Security course in Coursera  (Week 1 → Project). 320 more words

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Valgrind: check for out-of-bounds access

In the last post, I took a program from the Software Security course in Coursera  (Week 1 → Project) and used cppcheck to find one (out of two) of the program vulnerabilities. 167 more words

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