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Waiting for season 3

Vikings was a show Hubby and I got into two summers ago. We have been patiently waiting for season 3 to come to Hulu.

While we wait…. 11 more words


Oktoberfest in Goa 

Flashback, circa 2011 when I was at the beer garden in Munich and a fresh yet breezy air sent a chill down my spine. I thought to myself a chilled beer in chilly climate wasn’t something that rocked my boat as much as I thought it would. 595 more words


Sounds Like Winter (Sept 2015)

Sounds Like Winter are a goth/darkwave band from Sydney.  Playing to a mid-sized crowd in Valhalla on a Saturday night they were quite wonderful to watch with a perfect blend of goth sounds mixed with heavy guitar riffs. 68 more words


The Saga of Biorn (2011)

“The Saga of Biorn” tells the hilarious story of an aging viking who, in order to avoid an afterlife of eternal boredom, must die a noble death in battle (thus gaining access to the Viking Eden of Valhalla). 36 more words


Photo Finish Friday: Valhalla by Ursula Abresch

Click here for the full, uncropped image! On Fridays, I feature a selected piece of landscape photography that I have come across. I find that real-world photography can be just as inspirational to my imagination for crafting story settings as any piece of fantastic artwork that I might share on a Tuesday.

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It’s extremely rare I meet a girl who within days will give me the feeling that she is ready to reciprocate any level of love I show, no matter how deep. 573 more words


I don't think I'm allowed in the kitchen anymore.

Who knew my late night junk food habit could be so dangerous?

What’s that? Oh, just my dignity and pride all melted and burnt, sitting in the basin of my sink. 505 more words