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Herbert Asquith: The Volunteer

Here lies a clerk who half his life had spent
Toiling at ledgers in a city grey,
Thinking that so his days would drift away… 574 more words

First World War

Day 69 in Valhalla

March 20th

Welcome to the day that we say farwell to one of the residents we have known for 69 days. We will not know him for a longer time span but he is doing us a great service. 561 more words

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Day 68 in Valhalla

March 19th

Welcome back to Valhalla yes we are still in March. But not to worry eventually we will leave March and enter April for that is how linear progression of time works. 570 more words

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Day 67 in Valhalla

March 18th

Welcome back to Valhalla and check out my awesome hat! I may be Scottish but I love this hat! Dorian would kill for this hat, just saying you all want this hat. 477 more words

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Day 66 in Valhalla

March 17th

Welcome back to a very busy day we have a fishing tourney and a holiday to celebrate and guess which one Isabelle tells us about? 528 more words

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