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my scent, not his scent,
but by some changeling blood
could spread the same smile
on halloween. on christmas
waking up in blankets
it didn’t fall asleep in. 160 more words


Scholar (LOL) Thinks Vikings May Have Been Muslims

So they found some silken goods in Viking Age burials (9th-10th centuries) in Sweden, and some of these pieces had the name “Allah” woven into them in Arabic writing–so that must mean the Vikings were, well… Muslims ( 329 more words

Public Education

An Eyelash's Journey to Valhalla

As the first alarm went off at 5:25 am, she rolled over with barely open eyes to turn it off. The second at 5:30 am was met with slightly wider cracked eyes and groggy face as she stretched over to the night stand to turn off the barking alarm. 780 more words


A Modern Bestiary - V is for Valkyrja

V is for Valkyrja, which is a word taken from the Old Norse for “chooser of the slain.” And then commonly rendered as Valkyrie, referring to the female spirits who are sent to select the bravest men from among those fallen in battle so they can then go to Valhalla and join Odin’s… 697 more words

Slocan and Valhalla

Above: admiring the water of the Slocan. Shallow areas like this led into steep drop offs. The mean depth of the lake is 171m with a max depth of 298m! 1,116 more words

Ian Hurst, Mossad and P.C James A Haslam.

Given that comments seem to have been disabled (and not from this end) plod are getting worried. They ought to be, as this blogge may disappear and return as a book. 204 more words