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Antigua, Guatemala

So I arrived to Guatemala. This is my very first random backpacking trip, I rejoined Kriszti after leaving her in Panama in December (and in Peru in November). 469 more words

Kingship... and the queen?

This week in 1952, our Queen Elizabeth II inherited the throne on the death of her father, George VI. She was his eldest child; if she had had a brother, even younger than her, he would have inherited. 314 more words


Valkyries: Choosers of the Einherjar and Gatekeepers for Valhalla

It’s going to take several posts to debunk popular misunderstanding about how the pre-Christian Germanic peoples understood the afterlife, to the extent that they believed such a thing existed (as with most things, they conceptualized death differently than we do). 1,124 more words



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Valhalla: Fact or Fiction?

By David Lane (aka Wodensson)

In the Norse-Germanic religion of our ancestors it was said that a warrior who did not die the straw death went to a realm called Valhalla. 989 more words