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Fantasy Book Review - Valkia the Bloody

So, while shaking off my literary laziness, I stepped away from 40k books to try something that’s almost as light, but just that little bit better usually – a Warhammer Fantasy book named… 506 more words

Book Review

White Dwarf November 2012

Last weekend I picked up the second of the new look White Dwarfs. It’s still on probation as far as I am concerned but I’m fairly happy so far. 806 more words

Chaotic Thinking

Another short update with no pictures I’m afraid. On the upside though I only have one of my original Long Fangs to go. The only problem is whether I’ll get it finished for Thursday’s post or if I’ll be distracted by… 439 more words

Drill bits, White Dwarf, Glue and Fantasy

Well there was no post last night because I’ve been making very little progress. For some reason on Saturday I decided to drill out the barrels on the guns on all of my models. 475 more words

Liam Reviews "Primary Instinct"

Primary Instinct is a short story featuring space marines from the Silver Skulls chapter and it is written by Black Library’s new talent Sarah Cawkwell… 262 more words

Book Reviews

Another Week Over...

This year’s whizzing by quite quickly. Feels like no time at all since The Gildar Rift came out and yesterday, Valkia the Bloody was unleashed on GW shops. 426 more words


Gottle of Geer

I just finished watching Nina Conti‘s quite wonderful documentary about her life as a ventriloquist. I’ve long been in awe of the sheer talent and hours of practise ventriloquists have to put in to achieve their goal and for every Nina there must be a hundred whose attempts are not successful, but who still plug away, talking to a puppet. 4,045 more words