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NASA built a robot that looks like Iron Man — and it could one day help build colonies on Mars

(Source: www.businessinsider.com)

NASA originally created its Valkyrie robot to compete in a competition for search-and-rescue robots. Now the organization is trying to make Valkyrie better, with hopes that future models could go into space and build and maintain various space structures. 22 more words


Robot touches down at UMass Lowell

Published in The Boston Globe April 6 print

A robot designed to help on NASA missions now stands tall at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell. 248 more words

Globe City Desk Co-op

New Cast for Thor Ragnorok

Thor: Ragnorok just revealed some huge new cast members:

Care Blanchett as the enigmatic villain Hela

Karl Urban as Skurge the Executioner

Tessa Thompson as the awesome hero Valkyrie… 102 more words


Consider This: Valkyrie (2008)

I recently watched Valkyrie for the first time and I was surprised to hear that, upon its release in 2008, it was not at all received well by critics or theatre-goers. 1,288 more words


Technology's Subliminal Mission

I was just thinking…

How easily we’ve accepted artificial intelligence, how cozy we are when we’re introduced.   Recently NASA delivered Valkyrie, its humanoid R5 robot to Northeastern University and M.I.T.   483 more words


Anti Valk Base TH10

Finding an anti Valk base remains a challenge. When funnelled correctly stopping the ferocious redheads seems impossible. This guide is an attempt to put together bases that clashers are developing in order to defeat mass Valks. 111 more words


Anti Valk base TH11

Anti Valk bases are in demand because these days those ferocious redheads are so difficult to stop. This guide is aimed at TH11, for TH9/TH10, additional anti Valk base advice can be found in the Tips Series menu tab. 205 more words