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Demon from the Dark - Immortals After Dark #10 - Kresley Cole

Malkum Slaine, a demon, had a hard life living on Oblivion, a hell realm, where he was born to a whore who sold him to the vampires as a blood and sex slave when he was a child. 390 more words

Paranormal Romance

Advanced Valkyrie Tutorial

Who are the Valkyries?
The Valkyries are loyal scouts and trackers, armed with the spear and shield. Chosen by the gods, Valkyries fight with impeccable defense and quick offense to bring honor to their name. 1,862 more words

For Honor

Pleasures of a Dark Prince - Immortals After Dark #9 - Kresley Cole

Lucia is a Valkyrie and Skathi warrior which means she vowed to live a life of purity to the Goddess Skathi in order to be an expert archer. 442 more words

Paranormal Romance

Pleasure of a Dark Prince By Kresley Cole

I really did enjoy this novel immensely. Even when I didn’t think that I would at all. It had so many surprises in it that I was captivated by it instantly. 496 more words

Urban Fantasy

No Rest for the Wicked By Kresley Cole

I’m actually finding the series to be very entertaining to say the least. This novel in particular did a very good job of keeping me hooked. 514 more words

Urban Fantasy

Kiss of a Demon King By Kresley Cole

I actually enjoyed this novel more than I thought I would. It didn’t seem all that interesting in the last novel, but I did only read that short little bit. 491 more words

Urban Fantasy

'For Honor' : Meet The Heroes (Vikings)

The Vikings have dominated the tides of history for centuries. And now their greatest warriors have stepped up to prove the superiority of their armament and their relentless strength inĀ  437 more words