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Brain Craziness and a needy Goddess

I swear to the Gods, I have some sort of ADD.

Let me explain.

On a normal basis I go through these periods of time that I want to do one certain thing all the time. 813 more words


Indy Circuit Spotlight: Meet Queen of VALKYRIE Kacee Carlisle

In the world of professional wrestling the independent circuit is a very active alliance that are referred to as Indy promotions or Indies. The advent of the Internet has allowed independent wrestlers and promotions to reach a wider audience and make it possible for wrestlers regularly working the Indy circuit to gain a measure of fame among wrestling fans online. 1,442 more words


Valkyrie Attack 500K in Loot!

Here is an attack I did; I had to show this amazing attack with Valkyrie’s!  I was able to get 500K in Loot!  Check out my YouTube Channel cocingwithbrayden. 19 more words

Skye Lounge

After a stressful week of thesis and tons of school work, I finally had the chance to unwind with my friend, Caryl.

Cocktails and hookah with my twin before heading to Valkyrie for Bright Lights. 112 more words

AMB 100

First race of the year is upon me and all systems are go. I won’t be doing the full 100 until next year and really, I’m only doing the 33km loop. 133 more words


Tour of Sufferlandria 2015

About two weeks ago I started this crazy challenge called the SufferFest or ToS and thought “How hard could it be”, and on a trainer. Well how wrong I was. 776 more words