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Terminator is back!

Nasa has a biped robot called  Valkyrie, which has jut arrived in Edinburgh. Here, programmers want to improve its basic skills and make it “more human”.


MIT built a 6-foot-tall robotic astronaut to go on NASA space missions

(Source: www.techinsider.io)

Space missions can be dangerous for humans. Risks include ship malfunctions and space radiation that can cause cancer. Plus, spending months up in space can be psychologically taxing for astronauts and costly for NASA. 255 more words


Pirates Rousted! Ship Taken! Hostage Recovered!

Pirate blood stains the beach and their bones litter the ocean floor after citizens of Eyr rallied to roust the scoundrels and attempt to take back those who were taken.   601 more words


Ferocious Valkyries #AtoZChallenge

V is for Valkyrie.

Valkyries, women warriors, have always captured the imagination.

The extract below, is from encyclopaedia Britannica.


Alternative titles: Valkyrja; Walkyrie… 469 more words


Beauty & Strength

“No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.” ― … 11 more words


Big Score at Value Village!

These were all Value Village finds, but I really paid dearly for them.  For example, Pokemon Stadium 2 was $40, Paper Mario sold for $30, Banjo Kazooie was $25, and Mario Kart (perhaps the best for trading) went for a handsome sum of $30.   454 more words

Cosplay Feature - Valkyrian Knight Cosplay

Not only have we not seen a cosplay quite like this one, the level of detail and attention is staggering.  The end result is utterly spellbinding.   842 more words