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My valkyrie
Once you have guarded me
Once you have given me joy
Aided me in my days

Your predecessor a mighty one
Whose ferocity compare to none… 81 more words

NASA sets the challenge: Get this android Valkyrie ready for Mars

The challenge: take a humanoid robot named Valkyrie and make it as autonomous and dexterous as possible. NASA has chosen two university groups to compete in developing the prototype robot, also called Robonaut 5 or R5, with the ultimate goal of getting it ready for missions to Mars.

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Valkyrie Maiden

Battleworn and weary

Lost… listless…limping…

Soul cloaked by darkest night

Chooser of the slain


New dawn awakes

Spirit unbroken

Raised to fly again

Line work and a little detail on a Valkyrie rib piece. Much more to come.

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12 NOV. 2015 - 26 NOV. 2015: The Watcher in The Sky

EVENT START: 13 Nov. 2015 (00:00 JST)
EVENT END: 27 Nov. 2015 (11:59 JST)

EVENT MAPThe Floating Isles

PROGRESS POINTS: Y / N… 52 more words

Card Game

A Valkyrie is Born - Part Two

Warning – Some descriptions of war and violence in this post may be unsuitable for children under 12 years of age. Please proceed cautiously.

The morning of the battle dawned. 570 more words



Busy weekend indeed! :) We were able to attend a friend’s invitation to meet her fiance. Here are some of the shots we had last Friday night @ … 87 more words

Memories :)