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Exploring Egypt at its height, and as the pinnacle of civilization.

Day 1: Cairo:

First and foremost, and on every itinerary for Cairo, are the pyramids at Giza. 3,123 more words


Journey down the Nile River 

These posts are completely out of order but the journey has almost come to an end and now I can sit down and catch up on it all.   570 more words


Printing Tutankhamun’s Tomb

Madrid based Factum Arte’s facsimile of the tomb of Tutankhamun, recently installed by Howard Carter’s House at the entrance to the Valley of the King’s on the west bank in Luxor, is a main achievement in the use of high resolution digital recording and the 3D rematerialisation of data in the service of archeology, preservation, and sustainable tourism. 26 more words


Nile Cruise - West Theben

After the baloon ride did we meet the rest of our group on the way to the Valley of Kings. Our first stop that day ;) Sadly did I forget my sunglasses in the car … and it was so bright … incredible … 432 more words

Nile Cruise

On this Day: King Tut's Tomb Discovered

On November 4, 1922 King Tutankhamen‘s Tomb was discovered by Howard Carter, a British archaeologist, in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. Upon Carter’s initial arrival in Egypt in 1891, majority of the Egyptian tombs had already been discovered,except for King Tut’s. 150 more words

Ikhnaton, an Egyptian Pharoah

This essay was a test I did in 2011 ( I was eleven years old), for my english and history classes combined. I received one hundred percent. 538 more words

School Essays

A bucketful of sand in the valley of kings

The grains of sands in the desert are too numerous that it is virtually impossible to measure them even in metric tons. Be that as it may, but my consolation lies in the fact that I can always have a bucketful of sand and put it in my own little corner. 853 more words

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