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WWU:Class Instruction for our Road to Serfdom.

Let’s be honest that when it comes to looking at class structure in the United States of America the old school ones just don’t cut it. 559 more words

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The Following Massachusetts Communities are Scumbag Bigots:

The following list is made upĀ of municipal school committees that have voted to oppose Massachusetts Ballot Question 2 in 2016. Question 2 would allow the state to lift the cap on the number of charter schools and/or space at existing charter schools in a select number of communities. 156 more words


Channeling John McLaughlin...

In the spirit of the man and his long running program The McLaughlin Group I offer this:

Who has the weakest hand at the 2016 G20 Summit in Hangzhou China? 102 more words

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One of the Libertarian Debates Happening Now...

There are a lot of people talking about Libertarians these days with a subset of folks berating LP Presidential candidate Gary Johnson and his VP William Weld. 705 more words


And the Gold Medal for Whining Sanctimonious Knob Goes To...

Anyone who agrees with US Womans Rowing Team Member Megan Kalmone.

Megan has put forth a well written and I imagine well-meaning post titled Stop Trying to Ruin the Olympics For Us. 238 more words

Wordpress Political Blogs