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Main Streets Part One...

Main Street USA is a subject everyone seems to have an opinion on and I’m no different. My personal take on Main Street includes the neighborhood sections of bigger cities,such as Roslindale,Jamaica Plain and Mattapan in Boston, as well as the small towns of suburbia and exurbia as well as those places where community¬†is based more on the county model. 190 more words


Lt. Thug

I’ll be hard pressed to deny that entering and graduating from one of America’s military academies is an accomplishment. That said everything in the military geared towards females is undeniably altered to assure a politically driven result. 122 more words


The Obama Administration blatantly caught doing something different and....

everybody has a shit fit.

I’m speaking of the recent exposure of Ben Rhodes showcasing the Administrations feeding the MSM idiots story lines consistent with the desired policy outcome of the WH. 448 more words


in2 Sadiq Khan

London has a new mayor and his name is Sadiq Khan. Khan is a member of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party and is a muslim.The only other thing I’ve concluded was of some importance is that his dad was bus driver. 226 more words


The Right gets this one Wrong...

So giving one of the headlines running into the weekend of 1 May 2016 I was moved to comment on the buzz surrounding the Will Ferrell / Ronald Reagan movie thingie. 468 more words

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King Obama decrees idiocy regarding the BREXIT

US President Barack Obama has put quite the idiot cherry atop his stupid sundae. In what some call a master stroke of politics and others call out as a shit head lie which embarrasses a once great nation Obama has done a grave disservice to us all. 382 more words

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