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Michelle Carter, Conrad Roy free speech & Darwinism

Michelle Carter is the now infamous female who sent texts to her boyfriend Conrad Roy encouraging him to complete his suicide attempt. She was recently found guilty by a juvenile court judge of involuntary manslaughter. 351 more words


FraĆ¼ Merkel better open a bar tab....

Watching various news cycles very closely I’ve come to one dreamy conclusion that is just so yummy.

I honestly believe that there is a very good chance that the USA,Russia, the Gulf states and then China are poised to CRUSH the EU.

This could be very interesting.

Sovereignty Matters

What was Merkel Thinking?

Der Speigel has an article asking that very question and I for one would like to offer some possible answers.

“The times in which we could completely rely on others are over to a certain extent.

340 more words

My May Epiphany: Everything is a Contract...

Every interaction within human existence can be boiled down to being a matter of contract.

From buying a Pepsi at the corner market,buying a car or the insurance thereof to marriage or sex everything is based on a contract. 32 more words


Dear Cousins your only choice is Hard Brexit...

The EU has unanimously voted for the guidelines that will be their position in the Brexit negotiations.

It should be clear that the UK has one clear choice. 161 more words


100 Day Report Card: 2017

So people are all focused on the whole “first 100 days” thing and it kind of turns me off,but not so much that I won’t jump in2thefray. 712 more words


2 Pictures Say So Much...

I am adamantly opposed to the National Popular Vote Compact and anything related to the inane notion that the US President should be elected by means other than the Electoral College. 167 more words