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Sarah Palin: Still an IDIOT!

I support him being there in the Senate to be a fighter for the American people, for our will. I want to keep him in the Senate and I want Donald Trump to be our president.

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The Challenger Challenge

A blog I visit often has a post up about the anniversary of the Space Shuttle Challenger “disaster”. It was hardly original or alone in the web world as many other entities tried to pull some value out of one of the most contrived “disasters” of US history. 405 more words


Trump 2016: The outcome of ignorant American input.

Trump is the epitome of American Popularism.

This particular political species is especially dangerous secondary to its profound ignorance.

Underestimating this is as treacherous as depending upon it. 282 more words

Wordpress Political Blogs

The "Thinkers" are really some of the stupidest People: Rosa Brooks et al on Middle East "refugees".

So in the wake of the Paris attacks, the fat, happy, over-privileged West wants to turn away the hundreds of thousands of desperate Muslim families seeking shelter and peace, just because a tiny fraction of those refugees might be militants?

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Something more than a little boy drowned that day...

Canada as a nation is patting itself on its back and thrusting out its collective chest in the pompous manner few other than Canadians dare. 185 more words


John McWhorter lays it down!

The following link goes to CNN where John McWhorter lays down the reality that is the diversity fail on US campuses.