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Planned Parenthood has a Plan....trust me

The nation is a buzz over the evidence showing certain Planned Parenthood chapters selling post abortion body parts. They call it tissue but that is how they are able to fall asleep at night.Although there are in fact state and federal laws that allows and regulates the “body parts” sales it is rather gruesome to see how shallow and callous some of the PP types are about it. 297 more words


The Boston Pee Party

Boston MA

The Leader brothers of South Boston are in jail for beating and urinating on a homeless man who hails from Mexico and is of unknown alien status. 254 more words


Back to the Planet of the A.P.E.S.

Every couple of school years something comes up that makes me don the armor once more and charge. The 2015-16 school year has not failed to fire the first shot and therefore once more into the breach I go. 848 more words

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Happy Birthday America,Your Gift is Irony

This July 4th one item that is gnawing at me is how true the title of this post is. I find this to be especially so in the right-wing corners of my life where the ironic truth screams loudly at the jingoists. 185 more words


Wordpress wants a gay marriage post apparently so.....

so here’s mine

I don’t believe the SCOTUS is the answer to issues inherent to America’s social fabric and that there is a devolution occurring in the USA that is all about assuring the American Caste System. 29 more words



As provocative as the post title is I think we need to stop the lies if we’re ever going to work out the serious problems of race relations in the USA. 641 more words

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The Ideas Lab: the Independent Worker/Citizen...

I won’t be backing this post up with links and relative documentation but I will say that such items are in abundance on the subject. This post will in fact be based mostly in my own opinion and experiences in life and study. 1,399 more words

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