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Trumping Syria...

President Donald Trumps decision to up the ante in Syria has many fans,detractors,criticisms and booyahs. The whole spectrum of possibilities is still yet to be realized but one thing is pretty clear. 324 more words


The Final Obama Pail...

I earn my final Obama Pail™ with this short post.

To all the right wing retards,pundits and bloviators of the internet and beyond who complained about President Barack Obama’s extensive trips to the golf course I say to you….. 25 more words


Trump is a Pussy Algorithm...

Given how FBI head guy Comey has specifically stated there is no proof of taps etc will President Trump declassify information showing something?

YES↓ No→ 136 more words


Everything you're hearing about the CBO report on the AHCA from the Left is a lie...

The most widely disseminated lie that the leftist media and their fellow traveler scumbag democrats in Congress is all about the millions losing their coverage. It is a fucking lie! 362 more words


Let's Stop the Herr Trump Shit...

These facts are documented online, in countless films, in grade-school textbooks, in voluminous histories, in contemporary accounts, and in biographies.  Those who refuse to acknowledge the truths of these works we know as Holocaust deniers, but those who persist in comparing Adolf Hitler with 

36 more words

A Moment of History....

This is the first post in a series I hope to present here. One of my personal fascinations is history and how Americans especially and Westerners in general so thoroughly forget it. 280 more words


The Shadow Knows....

The answer to the questions are far from comforting to Americans.

Who Casts the Shadow?

Well for the purpose of this post the answer is… 139 more words