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Dhimmi? Dummy? Thinker! Dress Coded

So I came across a story I wanted to blog about and one of the images in a source article sent me in another direction. 241 more words


Obama-bituaries I

From the Chicago Tribune

For all the gooey talk about President Barack Obama’s legacy, it can probably best be described in four blunt words:

Disappointment. And Donald Trump. 896 more words


The Ongoing Surge of The Fake...

Real quick folks,the fact in fact the only fact going for us now is that The Fake is alive and growing.

It has totally been weaponized to divert,distract and divide. 49 more words


Has Obama-Nation really been an Abomination: Foreign Policy Edition

As all the pundits,talking heads and trolls begin to pile on outgoing President Barack Obama one can’t help but to notice how totally negative most of them are. 1,134 more words


Aleppo Before & After...

Before means Assad’s government getting the credit. After meaning the jihadists bringing down the terror on people in the name of a fake civil war.



The Fake

I’ve borrowed the image from fellow blogger Rutherford who has an interesting quick hit post at his place. It works well with some of the thoughts I’ve had on the subject which is of course all the rage.Fake News hereinafter referred  526 more words


Where We the People need to go in 2017...

I want to be quite clear on this. I did not vote for Donald Trump OR Hillary Clinton in 2016. I must further confess that given the final choices I’m not totally horrified by the outcome. 812 more words