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Headlines that just don't matter...

You wouldn’t know it from the way the news is pounding these stories but here are in my opinion some of the non-stories being flogged way too hard. 373 more words


The Trump win deserves a calling card from the past...

Just a quick post here on the fallout of the US Presidential Election. I am absolutely astounded by how stupid,crazy and childish people are over this. 94 more words


Happy Armageddon Eve...

So its Monday people and tomorrow all those who are willing will trudge off to the local polling station and cast their vote for the apocalypse of democracy in America. 136 more words


Alfie's Electoral Playbook 2016

Happy Halloween!

You might ask yourself what does that have to do with politics and this absolutely horrid Presidential Campaign year,and then you get it. 1,151 more words


WWU:Class Instruction for our Road to Serfdom.

Let’s be honest that when it comes to looking at class structure in the United States of America the old school ones just don’t cut it. 559 more words

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The Following Massachusetts Communities are Scumbag Bigots:

The following list is made upĀ of municipal school committees that have voted to oppose Massachusetts Ballot Question 2 in 2016. Question 2 would allow the state to lift the cap on the number of charter schools and/or space at existing charter schools in a select number of communities. 156 more words