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The Ideas Lab:Compulsory Voting in the USA?

Compulsory voting is something that makes many Americans uncomfortable. The thing is I just can’t shake it. Democracy is NOT democracy without the demos. Apathy is a terrible thing and the US political scene is a dystopian miss mash that falls well short of what We the People deserve. 935 more words


Crazy History Begs the Question...

The Royal Navy has established an effective blockade of all American ports along that nations eastern coast. Westminster has stated the purpose of the blockade is to assure international standards of trade are maintained. 137 more words

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One of many maps Americans need to reacquaint themselves with...

Since the USA is either dragging its feet along or is being aggressively and unwillingly dragged into it the war between Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shiite Iran I thought my fellow Americans might want to see where their kid might very well end up dying. 318 more words

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What You Mean we going to War?

No we’re going to war in Yemen

Well maybe not us (USA) but a bunch of other folks sure the hell are and what that means for us is something we should look deeper into. 853 more words

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The Ideas Lab:Die Frau ist verrücht?

So 2016 Democratic Presidential inevitable Hillary Rodham Clinton was part of a panel that talked about ideas for America’s economy. She spoke on the German concept of  410 more words

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Introducing the Ideas Lab at Valleyviewpoints.com

This Lab?

No sorry Cooper although your series will be staying around this new series is rooted in something kind of special.

I was motivated by a thread discussion over at Rutherford’s place where I brought up the topic of ideas via a question:  93 more words

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2015 Hypocrite of the Year Award Benjamin Netanyahu...

Chutzpah is a word that really captures the spirit of Benjamin Netanyahu. In a statement where he continued his post election back peddle on his last minute flame throwing  he closed with this nugget: 47 more words

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