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From micro(n) to Macro(n)

The page has turned. He’s moving on to other things’

That was François Fillon’s campaign manager describing Fillon’s current interests to Le Parisien. Fillon’s ‘preparing for his life back in the private sector … and doing a lot of cycling’. 1,460 more words


Valls dans les sables mouvants 

Valls, pris dans les sables mouvants du PS, devrait arrêter de s’agiter, il ne réussit qu’à s’enfoncer un peu plus chaque jour.


The Man: Nicolas Dupont-Aignan; he's pro Palestine, he refuses the money and the invitations of the jewish lobby, he condemned Gaza bombings and France's silence about it...So Lady Warsi, so Sadiq Khan, can I hear the sound of a cheer? Are you still scared of Marine LePen? While Macron wants to include Valls in the gov.

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan is handsome and honest, he refused the money and the invitations of the jewish lobby, he condemned Gaza bombings, he condemned France’s silence about it; these people around Marine LePen’s candidature are tough guys but also elegant and Gentlemanly, and he is going to be Prime Minister if LePen wins; what about Macron’s government? 62 more words


Day 7 - In a week it'll be too late to vote

This Lady’s for Turning: U-Turn on the Euro

Le Pen announced – part of (and semi-attributed to) her link up with Dupont-Aignan – a major policy change on the Euro, plus she abandoned the 3% tax on all imports. 753 more words


Les mauvaises manières de Valls & la fin du socialisme

Décidément Valls est bien représentatif de la classe politique actuelle : médiocre.

Il braconne au PS alors qu’il n’a rien à y faire. Il sort François Hollande sans avoir de plan derrière (sa défaite à la primaire était écrite). 89 more words


Il PD e la crisi esistenziale della sinistra

In “Renzi e il PD sconfitti dal Renzismo” avevamo evidenziato la spaccatura al’interno del PD. Da una parte il Renzismo che si rifá ad una concenzione leaderistica della politica dove il partito é a servizio del leader, e dall’altra parte l’idea cara alla sinistra dove il leader é solo un funzionario del partito. 1,979 more words


Calçots in Catalunya

I got curious about calçots when a Catalan philosopher nudged me in their direction several seasons ago. Impossible, he inferred, for any self-respecting foodie to go through life without having experienced the joyous festivals ( 1,079 more words