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Fransa Başbakanı Valls: Müslümanlara yardımcı olmalıyız

Fransa Başbakanı Manuel Valls, Fransa'yı sarsan ve olağanüstü hal uygulamasının yeniden uzatılmasına yol açan son terör saldırıları ile ilgili olarak pazar günleri yayınlanan Journal de Dimance gazetesinde bir makale kaleme aldı. 18 more words

French PM: More terror attacks coming, 15,000 under surveillance

(Source: arstechnica.co.uk)

France must expect “new attacks” by terrorists, with more “innocent victims,” the French prime minister Manuel Valls warned yesterday when he spoke on Europe 1 radio. 293 more words


Io, donna ebrea, sto dalla parte del burkini. A una condizione

L’ebraismo si basa su un principio fondamentale. Il libero arbitrio. La possibilità di ogni individuo di intraprendere la propria strada.

La Torah, la legge ebraica, suggerisce una via. 519 more words


Terror: Islamic State wants to know how potential attacks should be handled in unison for all in the EU

© AMAQ NEWS AGENCY/AFP/File | Image grab from a video released July 27, by Amaq News Agency, an online service affiliated with the Islamic State group, purportedly shows    Islamic State, identifying himself as “Abu Omar” 252 more words

Valls is a traitor; in reality Nice attack was very easy to prevent, right that he gets booed. Read the details. Save France and Vote LePen.

Manuel Valls, french zionist freemasonry-approved Prime Minister can say this to the French, pay attention:

“There will be more attacks” “We can’t prevent them” “Now we’re all like Israel”. 553 more words


Gezocht: nieuwe woorden voor een boze wereld

Na het spoedberaad zei minister-president Valls dat de Franse bevolking niet zal zwichten voor angst en terreur. ‘Wij zijn in oorlog,’ zei hij. ‘Terroristen zijn in oorlog met ons, en hun doel is angst zaaien. 427 more words


France: Valls announces tax measures to boost draw of Paris post-Brexit -- France Wants To Replace London as Europe's Financial Center

© AFP | French Prime Minister Manuel Valls speaks during a parliamentary debate on the planned labour law reforms at the National Assembly in Paris, on July 5, 2016… 68 more words