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One week, 3 cities and a whole lot of street art

Valparaiso is a UNESCO world heritage site and port city in Chile. The city is an unusual mix of old concrete houses, built amongst the various rolling hills, and some of the best street art in South America. 3,726 more words


The Beginning

Guys. I HAVE SO MUCH TO TELL YOU. Since I last posted here, so much has happened. I’ve moved in with my host family here in Valparaíso, picked out my schedule for classes, and have tried a lot of weird/cool/I’m-not-gonna-ask-what’s-in-this foods. 884 more words


The Funiculars of Valparaiso, Chile

funicular /few-nik-yoo-ler/ adj. (of a railway, esp. on a mountainside) operating by cable with ascending and descending cars counterbalanced – Oxford Compact English Dictionary… 1,267 more words


A Zao Island "After Hours" Night Would be the Shit

I just got done going for a walk tonight, and in the midst of the walk I struck a certain “zen-like” self-awareness for a moment. 267 more words

Valparaiso: The Living Canvas.

Valparaiso, Chile

It’s difficult to ignore Pablo Neruda when you talk about Valparaiso. His poem ‘Ode to Valparaiso’ immortalises this unconventional and unique city. Here is a little excerpt but it really is worth reading the whole thing to get a feel for Valparaiso. 773 more words


7.15.16 + 7.17.16

9:22pm, 7.15.16, last night in Santiago.

I honestly wish I had the energy to go out on the town tonight but I simply can’t muster it. 717 more words