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Newly Independent College Kids Returning Home for Summer Break

College is where kids explore their newfound freedom. But when they come back home, the old house rules still apply…

This past year, we packed up both our kids for college. 468 more words

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Let’s Celebrate the Last Day of School!

Finishing another year of school is a big deal for a child. It means feeling a sense of accomplishment and moving forward to new adventures. How can your family make this really special? 133 more words

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Boys Town Nebraska – Booster Banquet

“Thank you, Coach. Thank you for believing in me.” I heard those words recently as one of the student-athletes I coach hugged me. She has just been awarded ‘Most Dedicated’ of the Boys Town cheer squad at the annual Booster Banquet and she wanted to thank me. 117 more words

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Happy Birthday to Us: It’s Rooster Illusion’s Third (3, tres, troi*) Birthday

Three years. Wow. What a ride. We’ve taken life a quarter mile at a time, and now WE’RE ALL GODDAMN ROCKSTARS. Thanks for reading, you’re the best (hi, Mom, Happy Mother’s Day, you really are the best!). 155 more words

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#AtTheTable Tonight

Tonight — and every other night — I am committed to having dinner together with my family. Because my kids are still young, I am lucky that their extracurricular activities are minimal and I can schedule them around family dinners; but, I know that won’t last forever. 113 more words

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Making Memories at Mealtime

Family dinners have always been important to me. I grew up in a home where family mealtime was a priority. My parents always encouraged me to invite my friends to family dinners when I entered high school and extended family gatherings included a table big enough for all of us to sit together. 108 more words

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4 Easy Ways to Make ‘Family Dinner Time’ a Reality

This post first appeared on Momaha.com. Photo courtesy of Momaha.com. Families aren’t having family dinner as much as they were maybe 20 years ago. It was an automatic in my house that you were going to sit down to a family meal almost every night — definitely on the weekend, and probably at your grandmother’s house. 109 more words

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