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Unlike humans, monkeys aren't fooled by expensive brands



A group of researchers tested whether monkeys show a common human bias: the tendency to confuse the price of a good with its quality. 369 more words

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Daily Motivator for Feb. 11th - No rush

No rush

It’s better to wait at the traffic light than to get hit speeding through as  it changes to red. It’s better to take the time and do the job right than to  rush through and get it wrong. 182 more words

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Lust is limited. The greatest impersonation in our civilization is the impersonation of love by lust. It is amazing that a lot of individuals in our generation can’t tell the difference between the two. 862 more words

Better is Better

The title above is from a recent cell phone carrier commercial. I like this commercial. It shows kids being asked to value which one is better “more or less?”. 672 more words


Utility Prices Still Going Up? - Andrew Chenery

Now’s the time to change for your household or business…

We’ve all seen the headlines and shocking news that energy companies are still pushing up our bills whilst announcing huge profits, and we can do little about it. 245 more words


An Asset Is Worth The Amount You Can Sell It For

Monetarily speaking, an asset is worth however much you can sell it for.

Of course there is value beyond monetary value, and there are assets other than financial assets.   167 more words


Human Capital is the Main Determinant of Organisation Success

The majority of companies and organisations have correctly spent an abundance of time and money on technology, but what about the role that people play in the creation of economic value? 247 more words

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