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Value and Reference Types

Types in Swift fall into one of two categories:

1) “Value Types” -> where Each instance keeps a unique copy of its data. 261 more words

Value type methods - call, callvirt, constrained and hidden boxing

Long time ago I wrote a post here on  call vs callvirt and the needed of the this null check. Here I want to wrote about this topic but on value types. 458 more words


Familiarizing with value and reference types in C#

✓ Value types – Most of the primitive types, such as int, float, double, and char are collectively called value types. These types have a fixed size, and when you declare a variable, the compiler generates code that allocates a block of memory big enough to hold a corresponding value. 967 more words


Value Type and Reference Type

Value Type:

  • Small type that have their values allocated on the stack in memory.
  • Cannot be null; must always contain data.
  • When passed in method (by val), they are coped as new objects.So the original  value will never change only the copy will change.
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Today’s topic is in complete contrast to the one I talked about yesterday. Unboxing literally means taking something out of the box. You must have done this quite often! 237 more words

Programming Fundamentals


Today we are going to talking about a term known as Boxing. The first thing which would strike your mind once you hear this word is obviously the boxing game. 156 more words

Programming Fundamentals

Value Types and Reference Types

This is one topic which you would find in many programming languages. The concept is the same for all only the syntax or the implementation may vary. 226 more words