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Simple understanding of Reference Type Vs Value Type in C#

I like providing simple understanding to complicated stuff and hence will try to make this topic simple. For deeper knowledge you need to read books written on C#. 760 more words


Value Type and Reference Types

The Types in .NET Framework are either treated by Value Type or by Reference Type. A Value Type holds the data within its own memory allocation and a Reference Type contains a pointer to another memory location that holds the real data. 338 more words


Structures in Swift



Structures are a way of grouping data together (along with methods that act the data). In essence, structures are a collection of related variables… 869 more words

Basic Swift Language

C# - Constraining Type Parameters

Sometimes it can be useful to constrain what types can be passed to generic classes. Say for example that you were building a generic binary tree, then you might what to ensure that only types that implemented IComparable can be used. 161 more words


Shaving a yak, endlessly from null

When you try to close an unsaved document, a dialogue will pop up, asking you if you mean to disgard the unsaved work. Except the options of Yes and No, there is a Cancel. 622 more words


Stack and Heap

.NET offers a managed memory system. This is just a short way of describing a system which handles and manages the RAM memory in its own specific way. 1,351 more words


Reference types vs value types

All C# types fall into the following categories:

  • Value types
  • Reference types
  • Generic type parameters
  • Pointer types

Value types comprise most built-in types (specifically, all numeric types, the char type, and the bool type) as well as custom struct and enum types. 366 more words