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"Te cambio" en vez de "te compro"

Si hay algo que es caro en Canadá es la ropa. Cuando miré el precio de una falda en una tienda de un diseñador independiente (porque me encantó cómo se veía desde la vitrina), pensé que era una broma que costara $135 CAD y me imaginé en lo exclusivo que debía ser dicho diseñador. 392 more words

Recent Thrift Scores

It’s been a while since I blogged some thrift scores, and I’ve found a lot of neat stuff. Last weekend J and I went to Value Village in Nanaimo together and brought home some dishes, cookbooks, and a really cute red fondue set! 216 more words


Thrifted Thursday: 02.02.17

We’re currently en route from winter in Newfoundland to summer in Australia…via Vancouver, haha. It made packing a single backpack a little tricky, outfit-wise. After one evening in Vancouver, we realized we didn’t bring enough layers with us. 102 more words


Rise & Shine

I did a little simple thrifting this weekend. No clothes at Frenchy’s, but did score this mug for 50 cents from cute couple company Morning Culture… 37 more words


Boyfriend inspired outfits!

A fun way to change up your wardrobe is to pick a few things in your boyfriend’s closet. This is what I did in this article. 140 more words


Thrifted Thursdays: 01.26.17

It feels pretty sweet when you score designer duds at thrifty prices. Which is what happened this past week, thanks to the super-duper flea market-esque sale… 195 more words


Thrift Happy

Clinton offered to watch the kids yesterday afternoon so I could do a thrift run and I left a hole in the wall excusing myself from the house as quickly as possible. 425 more words