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Fashion forward — What’s old is new again

In university, Craig achieved infamy for the fashion crime of wearing far too many yellow shirts. His friends staged an intervention, removing all the offending garments from his closet and sending him on a shopping spree for trendier threads. 626 more words


Second-hand Stampede: Cowboy duds on a budget

For a lot of Calgarians hit by the economic slump, this probably isn’t the year to shell out hundreds of dollars on a new pair of handmade leather cowboy boots. 500 more words


Value Village Mini Haul

Last week, Value Village had his 30% Sale, which is not really a considerable discount specially with the taxes; anyway i checked a new store, the one in Kanata. 82 more words


Are 2nd-Hand Stores Out of Order With Prices

Today mom and I visited a Value Village store, we were looking for some fabric to make pillows and cushions and I came upon this little treat. 118 more words


Craft Time! DIY 'Friends' Peephole Picture Frame 

If you’ve ever watched cable TV chances are you’ve seen ‘Friends’ at least once. One of my favorite aspects of the show was always Monica’s apartment because it was always funky, colorful and yet semi- adult. 170 more words

It Makes Cents: Shopping Tips

Shopping – everybody has to do it at some point. It is hard to go through life without the material things in life. Here are some suggestions on how you can save on those things you need: 622 more words

Writing (all Kinds)

Shoes thrifting 101

I’m almost just a one year thrifter, started with home decors knicks knacks, than clothes and bags, and recently, shoes. I was really repelled by the idea of wearing used shoes, but when i had found new to barely used shoes i had to say yes. 55 more words