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A question of values

Recently a friend handed in her notice with no job to go to. One of my closest friends did something similar two years ago.  Both had recently been promoted at a new school. 323 more words


Shirt Sleeves

There are two reasons why I roll up my sleeves.

I can’t stand them long, but only when they are not long enough. I am just about 6 ft tall, disproportionately long, in an appealing and elegant sort of way, with just enough dash of baby giraffe. 866 more words



A message to you,
To me?
To who?
To us.
This thing called pride, it has done nothing but tear us apart.
Different types of pride dividing people into lots. 50 more words


5 Marketing Mistakes you Must Avoid

Marketing is one of those functions entrepreneurs need to take on in their business if that are to really make an impact with their product. However so many people do marketing wrong. 488 more words


What's in a name...

Old Glory, Stars and Bars, Stars and Stripes… these present days some individuals seem inclined to take their hatred against whites, rich people, laws, parents, truth, grace, hope, faith or whatever they are currently hating out on the flag. 292 more words

Independence Day July 4th 2015

Happy July 4th, America!

With so much to be thankful for, I”m wishing you a safe Independence Day.  Enjoy your grilled hotdogs (well done, please, with sauerkraut and mustard), hamburgers (medium extra pickles), cold salads of every kind. 387 more words


Beware, fashion shows can be morbid

Chubby women wanted

by beausex legrand

Let us not confuse things. “Thinness” in women started to be praised among the poorest segments of the population. It represented the state in which “honest” women would fall under corrupt political systems. 439 more words

Bipolar Essays