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Webster’s definition (directly copied from Webster’s dictionary).

Simple Definition of cheat : to break a rule or law usually to gain an advantage at something… 330 more words

With All Due Respect

When I was a young parent, Christian friends often loaned me their parenting books.  In my humble opinion, They were all AWFUL, I mean really terrible.  228 more words

Book Review

It started with a match ... continued

How did the quest continue?

Here is how the story started:
It started with a match …

On the quest to understand what value is: 310 more words


Confucian Virtues

If you follow the principles of Ren, Li, Yi, Xiao and Xin then you will become a Junzi – and who doesn’t want to become a Junzi! 542 more words

Writing Tips


Diamonds are formed under high temperatures and pressure in the Earth’s mantle below the continental plates. Many years of heat and pressure under the ground have created the sparkly and tough substance that we see today. 324 more words


Dreams Unlimited

Who said dreams can happen only when asleep?
228 more words