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Food: A conversation we can all take part in

By Rosa Robinson (published in the Western Mail & Wales Online 27 August 2015)

I wouldn’t describe myself as a food expert or an environmentalist. But I am worried that our food system is making us ill, that it’s harming nature, and that the most vulnerable people in society are the worst affected. 706 more words


Some Kent Beck Snippets on Personal Responsibility #AgileAfrica

I unfortunately did not attend the Agile Africa conference held recently in Johannesburg, but did follow the various tweets over the two-day duration. The last keynote speaker was Kent Beck, who apparently did a sterling job. 65 more words


Finding meaning at work - how leaders can shape meaning at work

Have you ever wondered to yourself what is the meaning of it all? What am I doing at work? Is what I’m doing worth it? 1,256 more words


A 9-year old Advice Pt1

“Suffer Now and Enjoy Forever”, those are the words my uncle said to me some 9years ago when i was about entering the university. I could not really understand those words then and all i had on my mind was, ‘why suffer?’ 197 more words



Hey there world:
So i’ve been thinking for quite a while now about religion and what I believe in. After growing up without a specified religion and having friends from a wide range of different beliefs I’ve struggled to decide what I, myself, believe in. 397 more words

Choice of attention...

Choice of attention—to pay attention to this and ignore that—is to the inner life what choice of action is to the outer.

–W.H. Auden


Discovering the mind of God

Theism presents an adequately rich basis for understanding the world in that it readily accommodates the many-layered character of a reality shot through with value. Scientific wonder at the rational order of the universe is indeed a partial reading of “the mind of God,” as the popular books asserted, speaking better, perhaps, than their authors might have realized. 53 more words