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Our first two digit birthday.... 

My daughter’s birthday is usually an emotional time for me, it comes with soo many memories from when she was born to where we are now.. 251 more words


What do we do in the face of hatred?

Many of the conversations I have had this week with clients and friends have centred on the devastating suicide bombing in Manchester on Monday night. Like so many people, I have wondered how we deal with people who are motivated by hatred. 271 more words

Providing true value to others

Society at large seems to have a strange idea of what success means. The bottom line that decides whether someone is successful or not generally comes down to how much money that person is making. 1,169 more words


If I were to give a commencement speech, this is what it would be

Today, I want to share something that happened in my own life. I surely hope that you could relate this to your own.

1. Have four friends whom you can blindly trust. 787 more words


God is God, everyday

As I write this, my dad is in surgery for a heart valve replacement. It’s been upcoming for several weeks. It was not an emergency or a surprise, although a month-and-a-half ago the doctor told him it would need corrected within a month. 396 more words

Opportunity Costs

I recently went to a counseling session and as I was babbling on and on, I realized something.  Something big.

My time at church since stepping down from staff has been agonizing, at best.   436 more words