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A guide for interdisciplinary researchers: Adding axiology alongside ontology and epistemology

Community member post by Peter Deane

Can philosophical insights be useful for interdisciplinary researchers in extending their thinking about the role of values and knowledge in research? 1,340 more words


Hidden Treasures

Each item placed in the bag evoked a memory.  Among the treasures was jewelry bought back in the 80’s and coins found in the bottom of a thrift shop purse.  388 more words

List of all values

A german synonyms ability Tüchtigkeit abstemiousness Enthaltsamkeit, Bescheidenheit acceptability Akzeptierbarkeit acceptance Akzeptanz accuracy Exaktheit, Sorgfalt accurateness Richtigkeit, Sorgfalt activity Aktivität actuality Aktualität, Wirklichkeit, Realismus acumen… 1,244 more words

Weird Phone Calls: Part 1

How would you react if your 10-year-old self got a phone call and the man on the other end of the line says “Hello my love, I am your father”? 367 more words


Be the Best You

Who told you to dare be less than what you were made to be? I already know the answer. Life, right? Yeah, it’s done it to me, too. 163 more words


Beginners Guide: Creating A Mission

Beginners Guide: Creating A Mission!   Your mission becomes a solid expression of your vision and values.

It becomes the criterion by which you measure what you do.  369 more words

Claim Your Worth

Values and leadership

I have been thinking a lot about values lately. It’s surprisingly difficult to articulate the handful of things I consider most important and to which I want to give most of my time and energy. 663 more words

Slow Academia