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Excellence Books: Made In America

Excellence Values from an excellent book by Sam Walton – Made In America

Job security lasts only as long as the customer is satisfied.

Through our combined efforts the kids received your everyday heartland upbringing, based on the same old bedrock values: a belief in at the importance of hard work, honesty, neighborliness, and thrift.

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The Philosophy of "Just Enough"

The wisdoms from life, translated…

For some foods, when you cook them, you only needed to add a little bit of Chinese basil, and, it’d, upped the tastes by a whole lot. 541 more words


There All Along

I absolutely love my family, and the whole concept of family. I think this should be the most treasured and valued thing in the universe. Family and relationship are why God made us in the first place. 230 more words



The word “then” comes up in the Bible 2923. The Bible details the passing of time orchestrated by God. Passages like Psalm 139:16, Ephesians 2:10… 394 more words

Christian Growing

The Hand that Made the Pianist Excel

An ODE to mommies!!!  Translated…

My colleague gave me some tickets for a piano recital, told me that I won’t regret it if I went.  Naturally so, watching this young and mild young pianist, with his long fingers gliding across the keyboard, and the heavenly sounds came from the instrument, and, I’m in awe. 569 more words


Child protection bills roll through New Mexico Legislature

SANTA FE, N.M. — The hot-button issues of abortion, right-to-work and driver’s licenses for people suspected of being in the country illegally have led to a string of largely party-line votes during the first half of what has been a rancorous legislative session. 548 more words

Child Abuse

VIDYA: Child Psychology and Child Development

The development of speech, language, communication, logical reasoning, all take place simultaneously. By the age of three, the child is mastering one of the most complex skills in life – that is speech; and by the age of five, the brain is already 90% of its adult weight. 625 more words