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Review: Half-Life: Opposing Force

This Half-Life is a little odd. Gearbox Software and Valve Software are credited as co-creators of the game, but the game does not live up to the quality level set by the original… 510 more words

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Exploring Half-Life 2: Lost Coast

On more than one
occasion, a developer will release a “tech demo” to demonstrate
the capabilities of a new computer game engine. This is what we have… 278 more words

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2007 vs Today, How much have TF2 levels changed?

As a long time Team Fortress 2 player and community member, I’ve always felt that certain maps rise well above the others. That the newer a map is, the better it gets. 723 more words

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Anticipation of Black Mesa: Xen

Fans of Half-Life are no strangers to waiting. The latest official Half-Life title released from Valve Software was back in 2007. Even the first game Valve published got delayed. 555 more words

The ultimate mashup: Gordon Freeman’s Model of a Modern Major General

The juxtaposition of the unlikely always has had appeal to me. Not least because it’s often very funny. I think such things are usually called ‘mashups’, but a century or so ago the word was ‘dada’, after the art movement that pivoted around superficially irrational juxtaposition. 419 more words


Review: Team Fortress 2 (17 hours and 40 minutes)

Merry Christmas to all!

This I suppose is the last game in The Orange Box. It’s really interesting that Team Fortress fans told people to avoid the Xbox 360 version in particular. 536 more words


Review: Portal 2 (~7 hours)

This is almost exactly what I wanted from a Portal sequel, though it still isn’t perfect. The most fun you can have in the first Portal is the moment you break through the wall and attempt to escape the laboratory. 651 more words