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Review: Portal (~4 hours)

This is a game, as I understand it, that was a concept created by students at DigiPen (a college for game development), and Valve Software was so impressed that they hired the team to make this game at Valve. 493 more words


Review: Half-Life 2: Episode Two (~7 hours)

Valve fixed a lot of what was broken in Episode One with Episode Two. First and foremost, the combat is fun again, perhaps the most fun combat in all Half-Life 2 games. 458 more words


Review: Half-Life 2: Episode One (~6 hours)

It was nice of Valve Software to give us two new games in the Half-Life series, right before Half-Life was put on hold indefinitely. Though some fan out there is probably still begging for Half-Life 3, sometimes you have to be grateful for what you got. 430 more words


Review: Half-Life 2 (~15 hours)

Half-Life 2 is a major departure from the first game. Instead of little snippets from nearby scientists and security guards, the game has a full-fledged story with long dialog sequences, and recurring characters. 649 more words


Review: Half-Life: Blue Shift (~3 hours)

Both Half-Life: Opposing Force, and Half-Life: Blue Shift were developed by Gearbox Software before we knew much about them. Gearbox would go on to make Borderlands, which was something of a hit and which I personally enjoyed. 400 more words


Review: Half-Life (~9 hours)

No one wants to know the ending of a movie before they watch it.  No one wants to know the ending of a book after they just started reading it.  475 more words


Valve Delays, Shortens Beta Test of Virtual Card Game 'Artifact'

The beta test for Valve’s virtual card game “Artifact” – originally slated for this month – now won’t happen until November.

Players who already redeemed their beta keys recently received emails informing them that the beta now won’t start until Nov. 178 more words