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Review: Half-Life

Reviewed on PC.

You know those days where nothing goes right? When you’re late to work, then you accidentally release a bunch of homicidal aliens, then the military turns up to execute everyone? 894 more words


Is Hiring For An Editor

(Source: compete.kotaku.com)

Are you an experienced journalist with a background in sports and investigations who’s interested in hype, game theory, scams, gambling, and people competing to be the absolute best in the world at something? 178 more words


Pentru ciclisti incepatori. CUm sa umfli o camera de bicicleta cu valva subtire.

Camera de la bicicleta poate avea  mai multe tipuri de valve.

cele mai frecvente:

Valva PRESTA(subtire) si  Valva SCHRADER(mai des la roti AUTO, e mai groasa ) 146 more words


PORTAL (2007) Game Review

From their revolutionary titles to their inception of Steam, no developer is more synonymous with modern PC gaming than Valve. 691 more words


Valve Brings the Ban Hammer

With the Steam sale finally ending, people can finally spend their summer playing their new games. Unless you’ve been using hacking tools, then you’re banned. In fact, Valve has banned over 40,000 people on July 6th. 145 more words


Half-Life updated- This is not a joke

Have you been playing the original Half-Life recently and wondered when it would next be updated by Valve? If so, then this is the day for you. 165 more words

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19 Years After It Release The Original Half-Life Got A New Update

Everybody Assumed that Valve forgot about Half-Life but what if I tell You they didn’t. No, I am not talking about the announcement of Half-Life 3 or anything related to that game. 222 more words