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An international guitar amp: 10-watt Katyusha w/video

OK, I went a little crazy a while back and bought a bunch of Soviet-era tubes. You’ll hear more about them in the future. Around the same time I was also exploring old Traynor schematics. 258 more words


Off-Topic 'Review Bombs' No Longer Affect Game Scores on Steam

Valve is going to start identifying off-topic “review bombs” and remove them from a game’s review score on Steam, it said in a blog post… 270 more words


Episode 33: Portal Series


Hello again friends! Honestly, this one was SUCH a good time to discuss. There are so many fascinating stories behind the development of the Portal series, and the story is so involved despite the original game’s “tech demo-esque” feel, that an episode on the two games was super easy to craft. 163 more words


I didn’t like a Valve game…

Sometimes a game comes along that has near universal praise and then you get it because of that praise, play it and eventually walk away feeling immensely underwhelmed. 599 more words


Valve Expanding Steam Link Functionality So Gamers Can Play Anywhere

Valve is launching Steam Link Anywhere, a new feature for its streaming app that allows users to connect to their computers and play games from anywhere, it announced on Thursday. 263 more words


'Artifact' Game Designer Laid Off From Valve

Game designer Richard Garfield was laid off from Valve as part of recent downsizing efforts at the company, according to “Artifact” site Artibuff.

The layoffs come as Valve’s “Dota 2”-based card game “Artifact” continues to operate on shaky ground, searching for ways to resonate with a sluggish audience. 252 more words