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We WILL Charge for Mods

Bethesda’s paid mods scheme was not a success back in 2015, so their attempt to milk gamers for more money they don’t deserve with their Creation Club would almost be comic were it not so insulting. 640 more words


How cosmetic items changed the way we buy video games

Mark Twain once wrote “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” Aesthetics are important in life. Never has appearance been more relevant in video games than now, and, oddly, it is benefiting both consumer and developer at the same time. 1,108 more words


Valve: You are treating the symptom and not the disease

Great Valve you fixed the symptom, so how about fixing the actual issue? What are you doing about publishers and developers releasing broken video games on your platform? 81 more words


Spray Paint Goes DIY Virtual with a Vive Tracker

Here is a virtual spray painting project with a new and DIY twist to it. ’s project is an experiment in using the Vive Tracker, which was released earlier this year. 247 more words


Steam Review-Bombing: Tech Companies' Regulation With Tools Instead of Humans

The brouhaha over how Valve has chosen to handle review-bombing on Steam looks like just another chapter in how tech companies are trying to solve human problems without humans. 644 more words


Valve's Solution To Steam Review Bombing Is To Add Charts

(Source: steamed.kotaku.com)

For years, Steam has struggled with the issue of review bombing, where large numbers of users leave negative reviews on games’ pages, often because of controversial subject matter or news that doesn’t actually impact the game’s quality. 573 more words