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My refund experiences on Good Old Games and Steam

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been investigating refund policies further on two of the main PC gaming platforms, Steam and the smaller GOG.com (Good Old Games). 986 more words


DotA Origins: The Rise of Gor-Ka'thul

There are legends in our world. Legends of gods and demons; of creatures that lurk in darkness; of things we do not invite into our house.

8,488 more words

DotA: Death Prophet Carries

‘Quick!’ snapped Krobelus. She motioned her claw-like hands to the donkey. ‘What are you taking so much time for? I’m carrying the tide of the war single-handedly and I need my bottle right now.’ 560 more words


DOTA2 - The International 6– Key Arena – 8-11-16

The Hopeful Homie View on the Rise of eSports

For people who’ve got a lot of type-A in their personality, literally anything can become a competitive event.   2,237 more words

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Facebook is about to take on gaming's 800-pound gorilla

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Around 125 million people are actively using the world’s largest video game service: Steam. It’s not made by Nintendo, Sony’s PlayStation, or Microsoft’s Xbox. 579 more words