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Data Abuse – When Transient Kids Fall Through the Cracks of Crunched Numbers

I was teaching my classes.

I was grading assignments.

I was procrastinating.

I should have been working on my class rosters.

My principals wanted me to calculate percentages for every student I had taught that year and submit them to the state. 1,156 more words

Corporate Education "Reform"

China’s vinyl acetate monomer exports in March, 2015

Exports to: Quantity(tonnes): India 1025.371 Morocco 319 United States 290.4 The Russian Federation 278.12 Netherlands 183.84 Nigeria 160 Israel 110 Costa Rica 110 Venezuela 105 Mexico 105 Germany 105 Chile 74.24 Saudi Arabia 63 Thailand 43.94 Uruguay 43.9 South Africa 43.58 Vietnam 41.94 Colombia 39.86 Argentina 37.78 Korea 36.179 Korea 24.63 Pakistan 22 Bangladesh 22 Italy 21 United Kingdom 21 Malaysia 16 Japan 7.02 New Zealand 0.18  Total: 3349.98

Source: China Customs

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The Danger That the Opt Out Movement Poses to Education Reform

A reader sent this email to me:

At the 6:43 mark of this latest Fordham podcast, Mike Petrilli says:
“If this thing goes national, the whole education reform… 7 more words

Charter Schools

Wall Street Journal: Corporations Dropping Employee Grades and Rankings

Here is a curious turn of events. Just as the federal government is forcing schools across the nation to evaluate and rank teachers using dubious metrics, corporations are beginning to back away from simplistic performance measures. 869 more words

Teacher Evaluations

VAM-pire Metrics and the Cost of Using Students as Weapons of Mass Instruction

It is generally obnoxious to say “I told you so,” but since I am often accused of being obnoxious even when I am not intending… 871 more words


The Day Arne Duncan Explained to Congress Why VAM Is Not VAM: UPDATE

Since 2009, when Race to the Top was launched, Arne Duncan has been an avid proponent of evaluating teachers by test scores. Some states evaluate teachers by the scores of students they never taught or subjects they don’t teach. 107 more words

Race To The Top