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June inspiration!

Inspiring textiles

The scope of textile design is awesomely endless!

Adding to my inspiration board this month will be a visit to the V&A Balenciaga Exhibition – … 37 more words


How Value Added Models are Like Turds

“Why am I surrounded by statistical illiterates?” — Roger Mexico in Gravity’s Rainbow

Oops, they did it again. This weekend, the New York Times put out this… 446 more words


Victory for Houston teachers in suit to protect their employment rights

US Magistrate Judge Stephen Smith on May 4 handed Houston public school teachers a victory when he allowed a suit against the local school district’s questionable teacher evaluation system to go to trial. 764 more words

The VAM test by Conconi

Hello everyone!

Today we bring you an example of a test to measure the aerobic condition: the VAM test of Conconi, with which we can obtain the Maximum Heart Rate, the Maximum Oxygen Consumption and the Anaerobic Threshold. 113 more words

Running Segment

Acetic acid, VAM markets faced with long list of plant turnarounds in Q2

Acetic acid and vinyl acetate monomer market supplies were expected to remain tight in the second quarter due to a heavy schedule of turnarounds in the US Gulf Coast and Asia. 446 more words

Acetic Acid

Don't Buy Bluster from Teacher Quality VAM-pires

The responses are predictable online and through social media any time I address teacher quality and policy focusing on teacher evaluation such as my recent… 510 more words


VAM, Teacher Bashing, and Unintended Outcomes: "[A]ll [teacher] exits increased under the new evaluations"

Research analysis at Shanker Blog is among the very best available online, notably the work of Matthew Di Carlo.

The posts there are predictably nuanced and careful, dispassionate—to a fault. 1,182 more words