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Arthur Goldstein to NYC Chancellor Farina: Thanks for Acknowledging that VAM is a SHAM

Arthur Goldstein teaches English as a Second Language students at Frances Lewis High School in Queens, New York. He blogs as NYC Educator. In his letter, Goldstein… 945 more words


Reader: Advice to the Economists Who Love VAM

Recently the website Five Thirty Eight published a post declaring that VAM works. Only economists who never set foot in a school since their own high school days could reach this conclusion. 561 more words


Not Everyone in Rhode Island is Thrilled with New State Superintendent

Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo is a former venture capital entrepreneur. As state treasurer, she redirected the state’s pension funds. Her husband Andy Moffitt is a co-founder of the… 452 more words

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Laurie Gabriel's "Heal Our Schools" May Be Coming to Your City: Watch It if You Can

Laurie Gabriel, a teacher with nearly three decades experience, decided that she had to do something to fight back against the absurd attacks on teachers. 447 more words


China’s vinyl acetate monomer exports in May, 2015

Exports to: Quantity(tonnes): India 3,982 Thailand 1,825 Pakistan 1,280 The Russian Federation 1,094 Indonesia 1,045 Egypt 238 United States 174 South Africa 153 Italy 147 Mexico 147 Morocco 143 Venezuela 110 Belgium 110 Germany 88 Vietnam 82 Costa Rica 44 Bangladesh 44 Brazil 44 Saudi Arabia 42 Netherlands 42 Korea 25 New Zealand 22 Japan 22 Israel 22 United Kingdom 21 Serbia 20 North Korea 14 Total: 10, 978

Source: China Customs

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2014’s Best and Worst States for Teachers

Ask the Experts

Like any professional seeking an ideally balanced work situation and personal life, educators are no exception. Teachers must be able to make a reasonable living in order to meet the challenges of their positions. 1,516 more words


Proposed federal legislation that would track teachers and the institutions that educate them after graduation has the New Hampshire Institutions of Higher Education Network concerned about its implications — specifically, that it’s too difficult to implement and that it will discourage teachers from working with special-needs populations for fear that there won’t be enough evidence to prove the teachers are making progress.

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