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America's Prison-Rape Anticulture

Wake Up and Face It : America Is a Prison-Rape Anticulture and The Average American Male is a Pathologically Self-Centered Bully Who Ceases Emotional Development Sometime Around Adolescence – If Not Before. 2,746 more words


Mike Petrilli: In the Face of So Many Setbacks, Where Does Reform Go From Here?

Mike Petrilli, president of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, one of the leading advocacy groups in the Corporate Reform Movement, offers advice and consolation to fellow Reformers. 231 more words

Charter Schools

Valerie Strauss: How Bill Gates Blew Away $575 Million on Teacher Evaluation

We have by now read about the independent Rand study of Bill Gates’ bet on Making test-based teacher evaluation the keystone of education reform. I distinctly recall Melinda Gates saying on PBS that “we now know” how to get a great teacher in every classroom in America. 305 more words


It’s Time to Reinvent Teacher Evaluation

Rachel E. Gabriel and Sarah L. Woulfin of the University of Connecticut ask a simple but very important question: Isn’t it time to redesign teacher evaluation? 471 more words

Education Reform

Arne's Frankenstein Still Lives

New York and other states continue to be saddled with the toxic gift bestowed (i.e., imposed) as part of Arne Duncan and Barack Obama’s Race to the Top. 775 more words

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Art Exhibitions and Events

Get Inspiration and a Feast for Your Eyes

Visual Arts Mississauga at Riverwood is an amazing nature retreat in the city.  There are trails nearby to have quality time in the woods. 105 more words

Ohio: State Senate Wants to Drop VAM from Teacher Evaluations

The Ohio State Senate wants to drop changes in test scores from teacher evaluations. However, the Cleveland district objects because the superintendent clings stubbornly to standardized tests of students as a reasonable measure of teacher quality. 78 more words

Teacher Evaluations