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Unplug "Vampire Appliances" And Save Money On Your Electricity Bill

We all lead unused appliances plugged in when we leave the house for today. It’s just easier to do so. I mean really, who wants to come home and go around the house plugging in appliances or trying to remember to unplug them when you leave. 82 more words


Electric Vampires At Home

Across the U.S powerful vampire appliances lurk in the dark corners of homes bleeding our energy.

Our own appliances on idle, on stand-by, or sleep mode still can drain the coffers of each household.This is not science fiction but rather the strange fact that microwave ovens, refrigerators, washers and dryers, computers, electronics, and anything else for that matter plugged into an electrical socket ,sucks up juice, driving up our electric bill. 678 more words

Simple Living

Reduce Consumption, Cut Expenses

It’s fairly well known that the more energy you use, the more money will show up on your monthly utility bills. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the average family spends approximately $1,600 per year on utility bills alone. 968 more words

Energy Efficiency

Earth Hour Everyday

Yesterday, it was announced that electricity rates will go up by 0.69 Php (0.02 USD) per kilowatt hour.  It may not seem that much but for a developing country like the Philippines, an increase of more than 0.50 centavos is a middle-class homeowner’s nightmare. 261 more words

Lesser Waste

Phantom Energy

Did you know?

Most of your electronic devices at work and at home stay on, even when they’re turned off.

Even if they’re not in use, cell phone chargers, computer monitors, coffee makers, printers, digital cameras, power tools, DVD players and other appliances and gadgets still draw energy if they’re plugged into an outlet. 200 more words

Energy Waste