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When love dies...

“I will do it!”- Helena abruptly added.

All participants discussing who should go inside to watch over the most powerful vampire ever existed, were staring at her, confused. 720 more words

Vampire Erotica

Victorious defeat

There was something in him, something that always drove her little bit closer. Was she feeling a rage? Yes, she did. She was hurt, afraid, guilty and he was reason for it. 814 more words

Vampire Erotica

Lora's demice

Night breeze carried heavy scent within , mixed with odor of alcohol and soaked blood.

Lora’s head calmly resting in my lap. She was lazy curling a lock of my hair, just being silent, when suddenly, words rolled over her tongue- “I fucked him, you know… And for the first time, I actually liked it. 1,065 more words


Lady of the night (transformation)

Time has stopped. Every motion froze that instant, breath, wind in her hair. And then, she opened her eyes. Cold as deep ocean. Eyes of newborn, eager, yearning for what she was that moment. 483 more words


Lady of the night (beginning)

Wild beyond any understanding. Beautiful, tough and at same time so fragile, destroyed by her own pain was she. I could hear her screaming sometimes. It was painful to listen. 231 more words


The Ratchet Vampire Chronicles 2

So I just published the second novella in a week! While holding down a full-time job! Omg, this hurts so bad. It’s 4 a.m., and I have to get a couple hours of sleep before getting back up. 1,444 more words

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Review: THE LAST GIRL by Kitty Thomas

Collection development–which is librarian jargon for ordering books–is one of my favorite parts of my job. Selecting books means that I see lots of titles and read lots of reviews, both professional and amateur. 663 more words