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The Former Vampire's Upsetting Piracy

“To fully appreciate fine dining, you must first accept there is a process, girl – you don’t just jump in and start tearing apart a steak do you? 13,099 more words


The little vampire's mishap

*a little thing I made for a Pathfinder character I created. This is her ‘how I ended up suddenly with the party’ story. For reference, its a sorta magic renaissance world. 2,635 more words


Science Fiction

Just like it was with the CAM guys, I have created clothes for the upcoming girls because they will also be part of my little comic. 861 more words


Project smoking

I try to quit smoking. A few weeks ago i decided not to buy cigarettes for two weeks, and from the money i saved, i will enhance my collection. 396 more words

Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl (2009)

Co-directed by Yoshihiro “Japanese Tom Savini” Nishimura (The Machine Girl, Tokyo Gore Police) and Naoyuki Tomomatsu (Rape Zombie) we have two perverse flavors that taste delightful together.  1,220 more words


Vampire’s Daughter – Chapter 6 WIP, part 4

There used to be a window in one wall. I can see the outline, like a porthole. The opening has been chinked up with fresh-sawn logs and mud. 778 more words

Diana Trees