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Vampires and Villages - Tall Tales, Wild Dogs, and 3 Beers til Midnight

Transylvania – a mysterious land filled with rolling valleys, towering mountains, and tall grass swaying hauntingly in the early morning fog. A place haunted by churches older than the trees that tower above them. 1,743 more words


Vampires Male and Female 

Hello boys and girls,

greetings from the sister site again. This one with vampires from Austria, more precisely Styria. Enjoy!

https://hkibp.wordpress.com/2017/07/26/the-vampire-mania/ 10 more words

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American Vampires Long on Lore, Short on Vampires

American Vampires: Their True Bloody History from New York to California by Dr. Bob Curran is an interesting look at the darker side of American folklore, but ultimately falls short as a guide to American vampire lore. 547 more words


Ancient vampires in Africa and Asia — Scarlett Memories

§ Asia § “The jumping corpse” was the Chinese version of a vampire, the main difference being that it would pray on the life essence, not necessarily on the blood of flesh.

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