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Vampire Vacation: Adult Urban Fantasy (The V V Inn Book 1). CJ Ellison


Meet Vivian. She’s a 580-year-old vampire who exudes sex, has a talent for drama, and is passionate about two things: her human husband, Rafe, and their resort for the undead. 308 more words


Dracula II: Dracula Meets Science! a review

A fresh burn vic is delivered in a body bag to a New Orleans morgue. Medical student Elizabeth Blaine (Diane Neal of Law & Order SVU) and her assistant Luke (Jason London) conduct the autopsy, noting that the organs are absent of blood. 1,572 more words

Dog Rose

Commonly found in Europe and Asia. Dog rose is a bushy plant with pink or white flowers and thorny branches.

The area has added dog rose into its vampire lore. 40 more words


Magical Theory - Creatures 101: The Vampire

Probably one of the most popular and easily recognizable magical/mythological creatures, the vampire also holds a prominent place in current popular culture. Through the work of novelists such as Anne Rice, L.J. 3,326 more words

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{Character Q&A} Tomas Desara, Storyteller Apprentice tells all.......

Today, Traveling With T has a Character Q&A with Tomas. He is one the of main characters in OURSELVES (The Nahan Series). Tomas reveals a few things and leaves us with a few questions! 1,150 more words


Vampire Lore

According to most lore, vampires subsist by feeding on the life essence (generally in the form of blood) of living creatures, regardless of whether they are undead or a living person. 310 more words


31 Days of Halloween 11 - Let the Right Swedish One In

Let the Right One In (2008) is a coming of age tale about young Swedish vampires.  Forget the Universal and Hammer vampire stories, because this one comes at you from a different angle.   698 more words

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