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The War Raven: Chapter Three

Today‘s post is a continuation of my on-going novel The War Raven.  It is set in Germany in 1618 at the start of The Thirty Years War; the protagonist, Erwin von Steiner is a mercenary soldier who is also a vampire.  2,263 more words

"The War Raven:" Chapter Two

This is the second chapter of my novel The War Raven.  The setting is Germany in 1618, on the verge of The Thirty Years War.  The protagonist, Erwin von Steiner, is a vampire who is trying to find some way to undo the curse upon him.  2,908 more words

Chapter One of the "The War Raven:" The beginning, which is in the middle...

This is the first chapter of the novel I’m writing right now.  (One of the two novels I’m writing, actually, but the other one is something else entirely.)  The working title is… 4,271 more words

Casting bread upon dark waters...

The rather mangled quote that I’ve used as the title of this post is one you might recognize.  Depending on the translation, it usually goes: “cast your bread upon the waters, and you shall find it after many days…”  Which is another way of saying that if you give something away, sooner or later it comes back to you, perhaps in another form, but return it shall.  802 more words

A Real Vampire

Although my wishes are belated, I do hope the small amount of people who actually read this blog had a happy and safe New Year. It’s been a few months since there was fiction here, so I figured I’d give you guys a vampire story. 1,194 more words