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The Disturbing, Unsolved Case Of The Atlas Vampire

Aerial View of Stockholm. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Layout of flat and samples of evidence taken from the crime scene, on display at Stockholm’s Police Museum. Photo: Wikimedia Commons… 478 more words


The Coachman's Revenge

The Coachman’s Revenge

Heavy rain and wild wind slashed at the coach as it rumbled along the road. Though freezing and soaked to the skin, the Coachman’s masterful driving kept the carriage from overturning.  465 more words


Dracula's not That Dark, or so I Thought

We had been in the same jail for about a week. He had been put in here a day after I was. I had stolen a few gems of the royal family, so I was going to be in here for a while. 853 more words

Vampire Lust

Cruel Embrace

Rose from deep sleep by the sounds of a crackling log fire,
Captive in a medieval castle lodged between lonely, forested, mountains,
Sunset and dusk streaming through the high window. 287 more words

The Perfect Place to Stash a Corpse--Available Now!

Well, blog readers, I have taken a venture down the ultra-classy path of self-publishing with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing program. In other words, my short story,  255 more words

Vampire's Leap - Part 6

The two girls walked through the main part of the house carefully trying to avoid the rest of the family, not wanting to get waylaid and harangued, as Shirley and Betty felt certain was likely to happen. 1,720 more words

Serialized Vampire Novel