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"Vampire King" Poem - Vampire Poetry - By Anne-Marie Marquess

Vampire King

I’m the King of Vampires
The Devil’s on my side
Dressed to Kill and Seeking Thrills
In the Darkest Nights, I Ride

Mortal Men will never catch me… 504 more words

Anne-Marie Marquess

Blood and Oil

Here’s a short story I started writing for one of my creative writing classes called remake/remodel – it’s unfinished but will update it when I am.

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Short Story: "Specimen" By C. A. Brown

Order! Order!‘ Dr. Farlingsworth tapped his fist loudly upon on the stout dissection table. Squinting against the dim lantern-light, he perceived that the rabble of medical students in the surrounding seats were still jostling, joshing and scuffling merrily. 778 more words


Short Story: "Amusements" By C. A. Brown

With a thunderous death-rattle and twenty banshee screams, the rickety old rollercoaster car shot past me like a ghost in the night. I must have jumped because the next thing I heard was Brad’s laughter mingling with the tinny music from the big top. 720 more words


Episode 30: Rick Gualtieri


Here’s a treat for all of us today: I’m reading a chapter from Bill the Vampire, Book 1 in the hugely successful The Tome of Bill… 225 more words

Indie Authors Podcast

II. Ab Initio (Pt. 2)

It was just as I thought. Elsa and Bran took the sudden appearance of Wolfgang with ease. I stood silently and watched them, enjoying their enjoyment, their laughter…even their competitiveness. 1,163 more words

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I. Ab Initio (Pt. 1)

“Ophelia.” I caught her just as she was going up the stairs. She stopped and turned to me, puzzled and waiting. I looked at the time, I supposed this could wait a tad longer; I wanted to keep my babies on a routine. 1,337 more words

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