Lily Loves Billy (A Poem by AJ O'Brien & Rose Perez)

Title Card by –FlyTrapMan–

Night, come the night
they stalk the land,
a man and a woman
searching, hand in hand.
Each are in need… 201 more words


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They thought they could tame her – 
Meet the New Woman
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From Jennifer Byars


by Jennifer Byars… 1,500 more words

Book Reviews

Part One, Part Two, Part Three

It was dark, as all caves usually are, but given that we are paladins it wasn’t that dark to us. 516 more words


"Hana ni, Kamitsuku" Chapter 2

I’m probably making a mistake releasing this now with only me proofreading and QCing, but I didn’t want to sit on this any longer after Ichi and I busted our asses rushing the redraws. 149 more words


Chapter 31: Vampire

Lightning raced across the border of the nighttime sky.  The rain poured heavily outside her window. 

She sat on the bed with knees bent; arms emoting submission.  308 more words


Valentine's Day - Love Bites

In honour of Valentine’s Day I’m sharing a Valentine’s Day excerpt from my story ‘Love Bites’. Enjoy!

The pedestal fan in my lounge room pushed around the muggy heat without offering much relief. 2,272 more words

Short Stories

The Vampyre

the Vampyre

by James Clerk Maxwell

Thair is a knichte rydis through the wood,
And a douchty knichte is hee,
And sure hee is on a message sent, 416 more words