Eh, Better Late Than Never

Finally got today’s page up.  Haven’t really been pleased with the consistency of the characters faces when I’ve inked pages lately, so I got a bit more fussy.  80 more words

Rebuttal, Part 1 - "All The Horrifying Consequences That Come With Drinking Human Blood"

An article was recently posted on Ranker discussing the horrors that come with drinking blood. You can find it here. It demonstrates how many external ‘real vampire’ authors push for sensationalism and a juicy editorial piece for their readership. 1,887 more words


Haventon Born by Becka Sutton

Sutton blends the most famous tropes of vampire fiction with lesser-known legends, parts of other myths, and variations of their own to create urban fantasy that is fresh without seeming muddled. 583 more words


Non-Disclosure Agreement for Sanguivores & Donors

Given the advent of social media in today’s world, it is all the more imperative that those who can’t afford for their identity to be revealed are protected. 91 more words


Side Quest, attempt #2

Last year, I announced my side quest to read several “best of” collections and see whether any of them were worth reading through the years.  My first attempt was a disaster.  766 more words

Science Fiction