Immortal And Cantankerous

Author’s Note:  I couldn’t help myself. This piece is based on two of my characters from my ongoing story on my other blog.

I don’t know why… 120 more words


Farewell, Mystic Falls!

“I will always choose you.” – Damon Salvatore 🥃

I have nothing but love for The Vampire Diaries and I love all the characters. Even the down right nasty ones. 1,932 more words


(1985) Fright Night

This is seriously top-tier 1980’s horror entertainment. It’s that perfect alkalinity produced by balancing pure horror with comedy, ridiculous special effects, campy characters and impressively bold set designs. 33 more words


Vampires in popculture: Vampires vs: garlic, religious symbols, sunlight / Wampiry w popkulturze: Wampiry a czosnek, symbole religijne, światło słoneczne

Actually that was one of my favourite topic to explore, not only because I was curious why some things were workin while others not, but also because of at that time we had an upcomming exhibition in Ethnographic Museum regarding vampires :) 772 more words