Let Me In - review.

Let Me In


John Ajvide Lindqvist

I was encouraged to read this novel, a translation of a Swedish novel,  by my son who bought it in Canada because, for him, it was the best ‘vampire’ novel that he had read. 290 more words

Aurora - Hunter Hunted

As seen as I had my interview with the wonderful Morgan today, I thought I’d reveal a little sample of the trilogy I’m working on. I hope you like it — Richard… 174 more words


My new Parrot

Nope, I didn’t get any new being in my house. My mum will throw me out. Ever heard the Hindi phrase “Ye kya naya tota paal rakha hai?” which means, “In which new mess have you gotten yourself into?” Ya, that kind of parrot. 505 more words


27/11/15 Daylight Date

“I get that it’s a good restaurant” complained Shia, her parasol blocking out the harsh sun “But do we really have to be up at such a horrid hour for it?” 695 more words


Living dead in Dallas - Charlaine Harris

So I just finished this today, once you start one of these books it is really hard to put down, you go cross eyed before you put it down! 215 more words

13/04/14 Freewrite

In a dark corner of their dank little second-floor apartment, huddled a girl of ashen skin, like wood frosted with dust. Approaching slowly, was another girl, this one with skin a pale brown. 165 more words


09/04/14 Freewrite

Toying with the string of chain, her face stretched into a sneer. As she looked towards the man at the bar, her eyes narrowed, and she laughed. 122 more words