Thoughts of a vampire

Certain things make me cringe.  However, the things that make me cringe are not the normal things that affect other people.

I’m weirded out by sunbathers, people wearing shorts, and tank tops. 17 more words

Lady Time & Lady Vamp

Deux nouvelles couvertures disponibles !

Model & background : pixabay.com

– Model : http://mjranum-stock.deviantart.com/art/Lucy-Remixed-16-92549543 by @mjranum-stock
– Diadem : http://the-scarlet-queen.deviantart.com/art/Diadem-Stock-669544024 by @the-Scarlet-Queen
– Window : … 36 more words

Non Classé

AWRW Book Review: Wrath For Bone, by K.P. Ambroziak @KPAmbroziak #bookreview #horror #vampire #literarychiller

Blood flows freely in Empress Cixi’s den but it’s not everything it appears to be, especially the donors. As guest on her ship, Vincent has a secret to learn, a mystery to solve, and a novice to save. 579 more words

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Energy Vampirism

So you have been told you’re an energy Vampire. Now what?

The negative connotation is simplistic at best and negligent at worst. Energy vampires are essential to recycling the negative energy in the world. 606 more words



sterling edge
drawn ‘cross silken chin

with fervor
and precision

ebon angel hovers,
the rite begins

he flags surrender,
she breaks the skin

© Anthony Gorman 2016… 8 more words


Whims, Wishes and Insanity (chapter 4)

Hello! Surgery went well. My surgeon removed the seroma from my left breast. And I’m feeling better, not 100% better but better. She sent the seroma tissue off to the lab and it came back negative for bacteria and cancer cells. 367 more words

A Japanese story to add something new.

I now round off my transfer of reviews from The Corner of Laura with the first review I’ve done. From here on, I’ll be posting all new reviews so don’t forget to follow me. 62 more words

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