6pm, I fry up a curry using leftover scraps of chicken torn carelessly from the carcass and mix with various sliced up vegetables. I also cook some spring rolls that are 5 days past their use by date. 789 more words

Peter Kurten

Name: Peter Kürten

Born – 1883 / Died – 1931

Number of victims: At least 9 died, however many more were assaulted.

As he was being led to the execution location he asked a doctor: 719 more words



Scarlet eyes aglow

Ignited by

Late nights and

Errant photo flashes

I arose

At the twilight

Urged by bloodlust

Creature of the night

Fuelled by the scent… 142 more words



No matter what intentions I have, my alarm clock has its own vision of my morning. It didn’t work and as a result, I overslept the first lesson. 271 more words


Four by Moonlight - a Blog with Beverly Bateman

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Linda Nightingale on Secondary Characters

This week we’re going to find out a little about author Linda Nightingale. 1,308 more words

Review: Underworld Blood Wars (2016, Anna Foerster)

Director: Anna Foerster

Starring: Kate Beckinsale, Theo James, Charles Dance, Lora Pulver, Tobias Menzies

Studio: Sony Pictures

As the fifth entry in the Underworld franchise, … 598 more words


The Legend of St. Regimund

The Legend of St. Regimund

by Alfred Castner King

St. Regimund, e’er he became a saint,
Was much imbued with vulgar earthly taint;
E’er he renounced the honors of a Knight… 971 more words