Part 360 - Leave A Message At The...Oh, Never Mind

Elsie performed her solo dance as faultlessly as ever. She kept her mind clear and focused and one hundred thousand miles from Ambrose Smith.

It wasn’t until she’d staked the last vampire that she had a moment to think of Hildreth. 673 more words

Part 359 - If Only I Could

It was a normal busy day filled with phone calls and paperwork and interviews.

And trying to keep his emotions in check.

But Sammy couldn’t stop thinking about what he’d almost said. 508 more words

Part 358 - Moving Forward

Ambrose licked the traces of mixed blood off his claws as he walked along the train tracks.

A train barreled through, but Ambrose barely noticed. 388 more words

100 Years Love with a Vampire (Otome) - Endings & Review

‘100 Years Love with a Vampire’ is a ‘tapping’ casual game by Lady Wizard. The game opens with you returning home from work. Your grandmother has passed away and you are helping your parents organise her belongings. 495 more words