Sproing and Spring

This is a story about a closed species character in a group called Kashikoi Kitsune on Ovipets.com
V. vonVampeline stalked the night. Her dark wings unfurled as she took to the sky. 1,493 more words


Gorbals Vampire article in auctioned fanzine

A rare Scottish fanzine from the 80’s has come up for auction on ebay with an indepth article about the Glasgow Gorbals Vampire.  As well as featuring artwork by Scottish comic writer Grant Morrison and articles on comic censorship, Asterix and Tarzan it also features an investigation into the infamous Gorbals Vampire.  116 more words

Comic News


00. rosemary

Fingers touch the soft, white skin, they tease about, fluttering over veins. Lips descend on the skin and bestow a kiss. A soft kiss, just as soft as the skin they touch. 938 more words

Should You Read The Sookie Stackhouse Series?

In 2001, the first of Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse series was published. Since then it has inspired a hit TV show and managed to be popular enough to publish thirteen books. 270 more words


a little fun

darkness engulfs me

like the blackened sea

smothered, drowned

i can not breathe

i reach up to find

that i am in a wooden confine… 47 more words


Dark Affiliations (Helena Hawthorn Series Book 5)

Today’s the day when Dark Affiliations becomes available for pre-order!

Lucious and Helena are both entrapped by the Council but for different reasons. Where he shares an unstable reign with Hans, she is bound to the castle’s grounds for her own safety. 98 more words