Hidden Darkness [part 11]

The brakes of his car screeched as he slammed on them in the driveway, the noise brought the occupants of the house running out the front door to see what was causing the commotion. 590 more words



The first 4-5 episodes were kind of boring. Then the rest of the episodes were very interesting. I had a hard time understanding the ending it took me a while to finally understand what had happened at the end. 77 more words


Review: Preacher Season 2 Episode 5 "Dallas"

Falling into a similar trap as Season 1, ‘Preacher’ once again finds itself diverting from its primary narrative for what seems like a real attempt at potent character development, but ends up with little depth or meaningful implications. 103 more words


Monsters & Angels by Anne Marie Andrus - Cover Reaveal & Blurb

Maybe you remember Anne Marie’s inspirational March guest post, in which she shares with us what urged her to create her novel Monsters & Angels… 402 more words

Other Fun Stuff

Summoners War Skies Field Hack Cheats.

Enhance your Village, fight various other summoners, check out Dungeons, fight in PvP battles, expand your Collection, train Beasts, and much more! Players fight niche-( 2) they in a similar style have the business of suggesting for which you resend and reconnect struggle success, rather seldom for lots of costs tools. 790 more words

Castlevania - A Netflix Review

I don’t have much experience with Castlevania. I once watched about a third of a Let’s Play of Symphony of the Night, played Castlevania III for as long as it took the first floating Medusa head to appear and knock me into a river, and vaguely remember a game existing on the DS with a giant crab in it. 2,331 more words


Hidden Darkness [part 10]

The car ride home was indeed long and lonely, his house was dark outside of the solitary light on in the living room. With a sigh he slides from his seat, but instead of dismissing Darrel to his apartment above he garage he just goes inside, making his way to his guest room containing Lily. 716 more words