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Netflix's Castlevania is Returning This Summer with Eight New Episodes

Netflix’s 2018 anime train is showing zero signs of stopping. Earlier today the writer of Netflix’s Castlevania series, Warren Ellis, confirmed the second part of the series will drop this summer. 222 more words


Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter | Seth Grahame-Smith

Great premise, good writing, average book. Would usually give this type of book a miss, but stuck with it. Seth Grahame-Smith ends up wringing every last drop out of the concept, while skimming along at a hell of a pace.

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Hello, increasingly weird world… This is Eden, and since I have a Furious Letter to share with you, I suppose I may as well initially update you on our present Goings On: 2,238 more words

Fear Filled Fridays (1/19/2018): Vampire/Eternal

Victim’s will be taken,

with the piercing of a bite.

Warm soft blood,

eternal living from dying light.


Jubilee's Long, National Vampire Nightmare is Over!

Once upon a time, back when Twilight’s popularity was already waning, Marvel Comics had the stupid idea to revitalize their own vampire characters. They turned characters like Dracula into modern hunks, tried to come up with all new vampire lore, acted like these vampires were going to be a big deal in the Marvel Universe going forward, and basically made fools of themselves. 259 more words


Growing Predictable

Lady Arton returns and Lot has an unwanted encounter.

Nine Shillings and Victorian Mistress are also available on Wattpad.

London – 1844

‘It’s nice to get out away from the children for a little while,’ Lady Arton said. 1,063 more words


Before & After I Became a Social Justice Vampire

“In today’s age of haphazard integration between trauma and discrete identity politics, the performance of solidarity on the right or left is rarely about actual healing.”

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