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Interview With a Vampire - Sort Of

As part of the Monster Men podcast, I’ve gotten to interview great writers and super interesting peeps over the past 4 years. This time around, I think Jack and I have topped ourselves. 64 more words

Hunter Shea

Things I Know Thanks to Television

As a latchkey kid, a lot of what I learned is from television and comic books. I thank the writers and producers of those shows and feel obligated to honor their vision as surrogate parents (not fair, my parents were great…and are likely reading this and I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to avoid unnecessary and tedious conversations) to share the knowledge I have accumulated bestowed upon me by television, movies shown on television during that era and the odd game show. 423 more words


Why I 'believe in', but don't believe in Zombies, Vampires, Angels, Daemon possession, and the Devil

This week at the bible study, we happened across a discussion of vampires. We were talking about being ‘driven by the Spirit.’ This means that our lives are determined by our relationship with God, first and foremost. 1,109 more words

Weekly Reflections At St. John's Montreux

unTouchable Ch 46-50 Reactions

I’m back with my reactions/commentaries of the webtoon unTouchable.

SiA falls in love!… 1,239 more words


Revenants Abroad Paper Copies SOON!

I want to sincerely thank everyone who downloaded the ebook of Revenants Abroad over the holiday weekend! I hope you will enjoy it.

And the new proof copy of the paperback arrived today, and while the color is not quite as rich and bold as the electronic version for the ebook, it is lighter and you can see all the detail in the art, which is what I wanted. 186 more words


The Far Reach - Chapter 10 - Beating for Home

Time for a new chapter in the story.  I am hoping to have one more chapter to you before I head out on vacation next week.  76 more words

Kevin Matheson, outback vampire, rides again!

Here are the covers for the ‘Vampires in the Sunburnt Country’ duology: Blood and Dust* and The Big Smoke, courtesy of Clan Destine Press… 74 more words