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Episode 5: Sudden Death

Mike and Ed have special guest join the show to review the best Van Damme hockey movie, Sudden Death. They talk about this being part of the “Die Hard” movie legacy, all the fun Pittsburgh references, and pick the top 5 Powers Booth appearances. 7 more words


Episode 82: Basically Final Fight as a Movie

In this episode we jump off of Cyborg and I said the next episode number for another podcast I was just part of and forgot to swap the mic input and Joe is sick and there’s some stuff about Cyborg, and the other Cyborg movie coming up, and all of those Kickboxer movies…. 10 more words

Sinking Feeling - Black Water [2018]

There was a time when Jean-Claude Van Damme was one of the bigger box-office draws, banking on being a decent action star and somehow getting through his accent, but it didn’t seem to be able to carry him further after a spell. 675 more words

Movie Review

Pit Fighter (SNES) - Retro Bits

La versión de Super Nintendo es mala, muy mala pero la quiero recordar porque cuando era niño me la regalaron y me sorprendió lo diferente que era de la versión para recreativas. 582 more words


'Bloodsport' 30 Years Later (Flashback Review)

The crowd gathered for the not-so-secret Kumite clamors for the next spectacle of Bloodsport. They have already received their first dose of action based on the first of countless waves of montages showcasing fighters from around the world engaged in full contact fighting. 614 more words

Flick Fans

Films I Watched When I Was Younger – Issue 6: Double Impact

Last week I wrote about 1992’s Under Siege, a film in which Steven Seagal solved the problem of being a mediocre (at best) actor by surrounding himself with much better actors thus producing a film that is really quite good (for a mindless nineties action flick). 447 more words