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RIGS: Simon & Joana Mitsubishi L300 Delica

Here is the next installment of RIGS! We caught up with Simon and Joana in northern Peru on a free beach. These guys left Germany and decided to drive South America. 40 more words



So I have not been to see my van in a week.
Me and a really good friend (get it? Friend…friends…we were on a break) Roberto fitted the¬†Fiamma Vent 28 Rooflight¬†last week which went amazingly and here is a short guide to what we did; 481 more words

Summer Van Living

Summer’s here and I’m finding myself drawn to the river more and more, spending less time in houses and more in the van. Partly, university has finished for the summer, so I’m not tied to a router for teaching (on Skype), and partly the weather’s great. 291 more words

Alternative Lifestyle

Poem: Heartbrake

Start your engines…




Love is like a car, simple and sweet

It carries us instead of our feet

Over hill and mountain it keeps us grounded… 136 more words


1997 Dodge Van V8 Auto

Good Engine and Good Automatic Transmission in this Van from Dodge 1997, the exterior and interior are fine, same as most of the mechanical components, windows, doors, power locks, gas pump, water pump, A/C, Electrical System, tires, ans more. 19 more words


Dodge Van 2500 Engine 5.9L V8

Super nice condition Dodge Van 2500 2001, this is a working truck so if your is damage somehow, and you need a part to fix it, just give me a call and solve it. 47 more words


Van Life for the Greater Good

Pilgrimages have been around since the dawn of time. Every religion has its own. From the pilgrims of Compostela, the pilgrims of Canterbury (which we might remember from our high school English lit, shout out Chaucer), to the pilgrimages to Mecca, or the pilgrimages to the Western Wall of Temple Mount. 759 more words