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Nearly two thirds of "free" city Wi-Fi in Fairview isn't freely available

The City of Vancouver on Friday (January 19) announced what looks like a massive expansion of over 500 new locations to its free public #VanWiFi program. 736 more words

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Fun East Vancouver graffiti sticker is on the ball

In case anyone is interested, the black and yellow Playground Zone sign on the northwest corner of both 8th Avenue and Manitoba Street and Jonathan Rogers Park… 282 more words

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Seattle and Vancouver, B.C.

We stood on a wide wooden suspension bridge that hung 70 meters above a rushing river. Tourists swarmed as the bridge gave into its architectural design, swaying from side to side, taking my stomach with it, which was a particularly unpleasant sensation since it suddenly felt attached to my knees. 618 more words

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What's open near me Christmas Day (2017 edition)

Every Christmas Day I wonder where I might go on the Westside of Vancouver to get a hot coffee, a bite, a live plug-in and a strong Wi-Fi signal. 294 more words

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Anatomy of one holiday homeless care package

Tuesday, (December 19) I was sitting in a McDonald’s restaurant, focused on my laptop and the blog post I was writing, when a finger tap on my shoulder brought me back to the real world. 996 more words

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Another no-warning snow morning

It was exactly a year ago today that unexpected heavy snow stomped the morning commute and, wouldn’t you know it, history repeated itself!

Just after 10 a.m. 627 more words

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Farewell to the Westender—my first newspaper love

On December 21 Vancouver’s Westender newspaper will publish its last issue; then this community weekly, with its 37-year continuous publishing history and a name that dates back to the late 1940s, will join the  1,642 more words

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