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The first day of summer homelessness. Yay!

Thursday morning (June 21st) may have marked the start of the first official day of summer in Vancouver but for homelessness it was more-or-less business as usual. 764 more words

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VPD street checks hit indigenous people hard. One reason starts with the letter "H"

Police street check statistics for 2008 to 2017, posted to the Vancouver Police Department website May 24, in response to a freedom of information request (FOI), show street checks have consistently targeted a disproportionately large number of people of indigenous identity and African ancestry. 2,133 more words

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Twice The Fun, Half the Money

Two words. University housing. Few travelers know that most universities have housing options for any visitors looking to save serious money on nearby hotels. Many times the options range from inexpensive minimalist dorm rooms with shared bathrooms to modestly priced hotel-like rooms with private bathrooms. 685 more words


Why did the homeless person cross the road?

On the evening of June 7th I finally took note of something I had seen for some weeks and continue to see: a homeless person bundled snuggly and tidily in a sleeping bag in the covered walkway of a building on the north side of the 1200 block of West Broadway Avenue. 1,050 more words

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The etiquette of checking a street person for signs of life

The steady rise of homelessness in Vancouver over the last 20 years has gone a long ways to desensitizing us to the sight of it, but most of us still worry for the people who we see sitting and laying unconscious in public places. 753 more words

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To live and die in Tim Hortons—homeless man staff thought was sleeping was dead

An elderly homeless man who went by the name of Ted was pronounced dead at a hospital early Thursday morning (May 31) after paramedics found him in a lifeless and unresponsive state, slumped over a table, in the Tim Horton’s Restaurant at 865 West Broadway Avenue—a well-known focal point for homeless people in the Fairview neighbourhood. 1,562 more words

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City makes homeowner grant online-only, shafting thousands of elderly homeowners who don't use computers

Applications for the annual B.C. homeowner grant (HOG) are due on July 4th and people who own homes in Vancouver are receiving notices in the mail telling them that if they want to claim the grant this year, they… 788 more words

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