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Half a sunrise was better than no sunrise at all

The only thing to know about Vancouver on this first day of December was that, for a least a few hours, it stopped raining. Everything else that follows is just incidental detail. 299 more words

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Los Angeles limits amount of garbage a homeless person should own

In Los Angeles, California, so many homeless people are crowding non-homeless people that this West Coast U.S. city actually passed a law in March of 2016 to limit the amount of belongings that homeless people can legally store in and on public property—to what fits in a trash bin! 2,491 more words

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Why people like me break into your dumpsters

Two nights ago (November 23) I was poking around in a garbage dumpster and found two large garbage bags that were occupying something like an eighth of the dumpster’s volume; the bags were full of nothing but recyclable cardboard and returnable beverage containers. 1,030 more words

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Rain rain won't go away, it'll be here every day!

Wow! November 16th has sure been been one heck of a wet day here in Vancouver, B.C.

I don’t want to get needlessly biblical about it but I do feel like one of the unicorns that missed the boat, if you get my drift. 298 more words

Vancouver B.C.

21-year-old suspect charged with murder in fatal Abbotsford knife attack

Charges have been laid against a suspect in the fatal November 1 knife attack against two female students at an Abbotsford, B.C. high school. The apparent “ 630 more words

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Four-seater convertible—perfect for those family shopping trips

In the past, this space has occasionally touted Vancouver real estate, particularly distinctive carriage and coach houses. Today though, for a change, we have a special family runabout to offer you. 109 more words

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October had the most rainy days but not the most rain

Today’s wet Halloween means that (by my count, at least) October 2016 in Vancouver, B.C., has had no less than 27 days of precipitation, washing away the old record of 26 days of rain, … 421 more words

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