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Dear Sybersue - Why do I Obsess Over Every Little Detail When I am in a New Relationship?

Dear Sybersue,

Why am I so obsessive over the smallest things when I start out in a new relationship?  I constantly think “what if it doesn’t work out” or “what is the point in even trying to be with this guy as it won’t work anyway” and so on!   448 more words

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Dating Advice for Men & Women ~ When too nice is too much!

Canadian talk show hosts Susan & Sandra discuss what to do if you are dating someone that is TOO nice. When someone is constantly trying to please you, or calling & texting you repeatedly, this can become a huge turn off that makes you run in the opposite direction. 72 more words

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Dear Sybersue ~ I have been Dating my Boyfriend for 4 years and Still no Wedding Ring! What Gives?

Dear Sybersue,

Am I ever going to get married?

I am usually a very patient woman but I am starting to get very frustrated with my ongoing situation with my boyfriend Andrew, of almost 4 years! 607 more words

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Dating & Relationship Advice ~ Would You go Back to a Cheating EX a Few Years Later?

Leave it Two Beavers Talk Show ~ Relationship Advice for Men & Women.

Would you go back to a cheating EX if they came back into your life a few years later trying to rekindle a relationship with you? 94 more words

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Dating & Relationship Advice for Men & Women ~ Dating in Vancouver Needs to Change!

Canadian talk show host Susan McCord & Co-host Andrea Wesley  discuss what many singles in Vancouver talk about: The terrible dating scenario! Why is it so bad & how do we change this reputation? 460 more words

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A "Shout Out" To An Amazing Woman ~ Rebecca Rosenblat

Every once in awhile someone comes into your life that is really special ~ and for me Rebecca Rosenblat is one of those people!

With technology taking away so much personal interaction, many of us are forgetting how to show a genuine appreciation & acknowledgment towards others who cross our path. 440 more words

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Relationships & Sex ~ How Much Sexual History Should You Divulge to a New Partner?

Talk show host Susan McCord asks her male Co-host if men & women should tell a potential partner about their sexual past? Do men’s answers vary from women’s? 38 more words

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