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Gordzilla in the City: Putting green ideology before common sense

For the large portion of Metro Vancouver residents who think Vision Vancouver’s obsession with bike lanes is nuts, the news over the past little while will not have improved their mood. 791 more words


Letters: Surgical wait lists, Denise Tessier, transplant lists, Mike Watson, overseas operations, Uber, Andrew Weaver

Wait-list patient ‘totally disgusted with the whole system’

I sympathize with Quesnel knee-surgery wait-list victim Denise Tessier. I too am on a waiting list. I developed an incredibly painful pinched nerve in my neck in April 2014 and on and off for the past two years I’ve had to rely on morphine to help me through it. 579 more words


Kelowna woman devastated after kidney transplant surgery cancelled

KELOWNA – It’s an emotional twist to what two Kelowna woman thought was going to be a happy ending. About a year ago, Jeanne Usen and Caroline Lopes didn’t even know each other. 340 more words


VANCOUVER GENERAL HOSPITAL documentary returns with focus on nurses, elderly patients, life, death and everything in between


Publicists are busy promoting the new season of Emergency Room: Life & Death at VGH, which is why they sent me this faux prescription pad and Lego-like doctor figure, all wrapped up in gauze. 822 more words


B.C. man suing dentist for allegedly dropping drill bit down his throat and telling him to swallow it

A man is suing his dentist after doctors at Vancouver General Hospital removed a dental drill bit from his abdomen that he alleges was negligently dropped into his throat. 508 more words


THE 19-MINUTE MEDICAL MILESTONE: lifesaving emergency cardiac procedure debuts at Vancouver General Hospital


It took one deathly ill patient, an enthusiastic hospital team and only 19 minutes for a new North American — and perhaps even world — medical record to be set at Vancouver General Hospital last Friday for an emergency heart procedure. 807 more words

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Can't tell if these are the bad kind of mushrooms

There’s no telling what sort of new things will “spring” to life at this time of year. Take the funky-looking fungi that I saw today growing alongside 10th Avenue, between Laurel and Willow Street, on the grounds of the Vancouver General Hospital. 109 more words

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