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Lawsuit against Marpole modular housing dismissed

A lawsuit to put the brakes on modular housing for the homeless in Vancouver’s Marpole neighborhood has been dismissed.

In a petition filed last month, a group calling itself the “Caring Citizens of Vancouver” claimed the city failed to properly consult with residents, and that the property near Heather and 59th Ave. 107 more words


On Being Lonely, Queer, and Polyamorous

When you live in a small city, being lonely, queer, and polyamorous isn’t easy. First, let’s tackle loneliness. I’ve been in a rather introspective mood after last month’s trip and I came back to living alone, as my old roommate had moved out and my new one had yet to move in. 560 more words


Bezos Admits He Only Left Toronto On New HQ List To 'Grind The Rest Of Canada's Gears'

“Status report,” Jeff Bezos says, striding into an enormous but spartanly furnished office in Amazon’s Seattle headquarters, a cascading tail of money trailing behind him like a deep space comet approaching the sun.  217 more words


Little White Walks: Mosquito Creek

The second in a series of jaunts in the key of white. This week, I recount a December 27, 2017 walk along Mosquito Creek in North Vancouver. 455 more words


Protests planned for 50 Tim Hortons locations across Canada

TORONTO — Protesters angered by some Ontario Tim Hortons franchisees who slashed workers’ benefits and breaks after the province raised its minimum wage plan to spread their outrage to other areas of the country tomorrow. 201 more words