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Out of the Blue (1980) Dennis Hopper & The Working Of A Post

I try to read as little as possible when searching for a new film to watch. I like to see the movie poster, find out the director, give the cast a quick scan, a quick glance at the IMdB score (a healthy 7.2) and maybe a quote of the plot. 516 more words


Canada: Rocky Mountaineer

“Bear on the left!”

As the cry went up for the fourth time that afternoon, everyone on the train dashed to the windows to catch a glimpse of a small black bear padding around the mountainside, unaware of the stir he was causing. 1,266 more words

It's Raining

It rains a lot in Vancouver and I learned how to love the rain.  It’s better to love it than hate it. Rod McKuen’s poetry in song says it all for me.


Colour — it's Singapore

For the first two months of last year, I lapped up the warmth away from my part of Canada experiencing a record snow fall. Unlike the rest of the country, Vancouver averages a week of snow a year, but last year snow fell for months. 61 more words

Malaysia And Singapore

Can someone please explain to me why people are so reckless at driving here?

Like I'm actually surprised I don't see more accidents on a daily basis. Whether it's people not signaling to go around a left hand turner, swerving to change lanes with barely a couple feet of room going over 100 kilometers an hour on HWY 1, or even just general stupidity and distracted driving… what gives? 96 more words