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asparagus cake

i recently watched whiplash and black swan. one is about andrew, a jazz drummer, and one is about nina, a ballerina. the movies are very similar; both are about dedicated artists driven to madness by their abusive mentors and their own ambitions to achieve greatness.  553 more words

Fried Chicken Legs?!

A friend told me one day that there was going to be a fried chicken competition. And everyone was invited to compete for the title of Best Fried Chicken. 111 more words

Sports-Themed Cakes, Cookies and Cupcakes...

Whew!  It’s been a busy month and I haven’t had time to post much of what I’ve been up to.  So I’ve decided to lump a few of my sports-themed creations into one post…Seems like there are lots of sports enthusiasts out there! 365 more words


Funfetti Cake

Are you ever too old for sprinkles? If you ask me, I’ll say absolutely not! I’m thirtysomething and when I go to Carvel to get a cup of soft serve vanilla ice cream I always ask for them to put sprinkles in the bottom of the cup before swirling in the ice cream and then ask for more sprinkles on top. 516 more words


funfetti cake

british english is so much better than american english.*  especially the insults. i’d much rather call someone a tosser or a prat than an idiot or a dumbass. 546 more words

22. Some Days are Just Perfect In Every Way (And discovering a new perfect vanilla frosting made it that much sweeter)

Today was one of those absolutely perfect days.  From start to finish, I loved everything about today.

I loved that I got to start reading the September editions of my favourite magazines this morning, on the dock, with the sounds of the kids and the Husband swimming in the background.   281 more words


Rainbow cake in the hope of a happier world :)

My boyfriend and I made this cake about a week ago for his work ‘bake off challenge’ and at the time we didn’t know how significant it would be. 274 more words