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Review of the I Love the 90's concert

It has been a while since I have last updated this. I am trying to get back to this, but what better way than to write a review of a show that I had attended recently. 1,033 more words

Forever Fourteen

I had Criminal Minds playing in the background last night while I was working and something caught my attention. I heard Dr. Reed (which is a total hunk) say, “No music ever impacts us as much as what we listen to at age 14.” I began to think about it and wonder if this was true so I googled it and found that, in fact, it was totally true. 279 more words

How to Work with Your In-House Social Media Team

Social media is an odd bird. Just about everyone uses it to some degree. The barrier to entry is intentionally set low to encourage quick, in-the-moment sharing. 984 more words

Social Media Musings

Albany I Love The 90's Tour Prices Are Anything But From The 90's

The I Love the 90’s Tour is headed to Albany and ticket prices are anything but from the 90’s!  If you’re a fan of 1990’s music,  you’ll be all about seeing… 208 more words

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7.7.16 Vanilla Ice Back Up Dancing

Along with the National Cherry Queen and her court, I got to dance on stage with Vanilla Ice! Life long dream realized.  He is a great guy and I had a blast.   46 more words

National Cherry Festival


Vanilla Ice, Queen and David Bowie are all iconic figures that embody the 1980’s and early 1990’s. With many cult classics behind them, many fail to question the eerie similarity between “Ice Ice Baby” and “Under Pressure.” 351 more words

MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice Are Case Studies in Selling '90s Nostalgia

When it comes to television indulgences, I quickly morph into a middle aged housewife. A day with nothing to do is best spent laid out on the couch, with my TV permanently on HGTV. 773 more words