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Belgian bread pudding.

I am all in favour of maximally efficient food use (not that I am a champion in this – I know some who are – but I try my best). 625 more words


Vanilla Chia Pudding

Today at CRB Tech Reviews I’ll share another vegan dish that could serve as a quick and filling breakfast.

This pudding recipe features nutritious chia seeds. 428 more words

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Grandmas Cream Puffs


1 Cup of water.

A pinch of salt.

1 Stick of butter.

1 Cup of flour.

4 eggs

1 Vanilla pudding box

1 1/2 cups milk… 105 more words

Cornstarch Pudding

This is a rich and decadent pudding. Perfectly delicious on its own or adorned with your favorite topping (or still warm directly from the pot).  It is perfect for filling pies, such as chocolate cream or banana pudding. 248 more words


Shortbread Cookies & Vanilla Cream Tarts

I guarantee (as much as that means anything to you!) that this is the simplest, fastest, and tastiest shortbread cookie recipe ever! I have had it as my go-to recipe for any holidays, frosted, decorated cookies, these tarts, or when you want to make a fruit tart pizza. 358 more words


Grams Gluck

Grams Gluck is my great grandma’s recipe that she made for potlucks and weddings.

  • 1 box Instant vanilla pudding mix
  • 2 Cups sour cream
  • 1 can of crushed pineapples…
  • 24 more words

Memory Lane: Jellied Holiday Nog

I tend to be a bit of an old-fashioned purist about “the holiday season”. I grew up in a time when Thanksgiving was its own holiday, and the run-up to Christmas kicked off when Santa appeared at the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. 722 more words