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summer cravings // anything rhubarb

All my life I had rhubarb maybe once or twice during rhubarb season and that was fine. But this year is different. For weeks I am obsessed with rhubarb, in particular with rhubarb and vanilla pudding and homemade rhubarb lemonade. 243 more words


National Vanilla Pudding Day

So. One thing you should know about me is that I love celebrations. I have the National Day Calendar on my phone and I check it religiously. 333 more words


May 22nd is National Vanilla Pudding Day

Five facts about Pudding:

  1. The Fortress hotel in Galle, Sri Lanka, is charging $14,500 a serving of the world’s most expensive pudding, which is called “The Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence”.
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always something to celebrate!

Dear Dessert Oasis,

You often post in celebration of dessert holidays (of which there are a plethora!), which helps me to ensure that I am doing my part to honor these special days. 427 more words


Chocolate Raspberry Napoleons

I just know that there are going to be some very angry bakers out there who will write to accuse me of cheating on this classic French dessert, which is actually more commonly known in France as… 565 more words


Rum Cake

My mom used to make Rum Cake a lot in the 1970’s and it was delicious. Unfortunately, the recipe had basically disappeared, and when I was stuck at my sister’s house in the blizzard in January, I found this recipe that she had. 710 more words