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May 22 is National Vanilla Pudding Day

National Vanilla Pudding Day

Five facts about Pudding

  • The Fortress hotel in Galle, Sri Lanka, is charging $14,500 a serving of the world’s most expensive pudding, which is called “The Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence”.
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Simple Pleasures of Life - Vanilla Pudding

How often do we sit and ponder about how life was so much more easier years ago? (Years…ah! Let us all lie about our age now) 163 more words


Tara's Eclair Cake

A fabulous dessert that my cousin Tara taught me how to make. Every time I make this for my husband he gets so emotional that he is almost close to tears because it is so good! 456 more words


Blackberry Tarts and Good Neigbors

A good neighbor is someone who, years after you’ve moved, still calls when the blackberries are ripe in his yard so you can come pick some. 1,168 more words

Italian Humor

Chocolate Éclair Dessert


With the summer months approaching, I’m always up for a chilled dessert. Something that gives my taste buds a party, right before refreshingly sliding down my throat, all the while making my stomach wait with anticipation. 226 more words


My heart isn’t feeling too great. (As in, my spirit. My actual muscle seems to be doing alright.)

Got out of the house today. Bought some Quest bars and vanilla pudding and ate the two together. 83 more words


Sweets for the sweetest mom: my special "sandwich" for Mother's Day

I made this for my mom yesterday and she loved it! This is the perfect recipe for those who lack the time to make an elaborate dessert, but still want to surprise/spoil their moms with something almost homemade. 422 more words