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Glutenfree and eggfree chocolate cake

4 tablespoons cocoa
4 dl sugar
3 teaspoons of vanillasugar
1 teaspoon of salt
7 dl semper glutenfree flour
3 teaspoons baking powder
4 dl milk (ricemilk / oatmilk or regular milk) 47 more words


Homemade Vanilla Extract

Making your own vanilla extract simply requires vanilla beans and relatively inexpensive vodka (it’s a neutral alcohol).  I get vanilla beans from Uganda or Tanzania (Bukoba).   241 more words

Specialty Ingredients

Pretzel sticks

I used to call my favourite shopping centre the fish that blows bubbles, why? Well because proudly hanging from the ceiling of the shopping centre hangs a large clockwork fish that every half an hour plays a tune and blasts bubbles out to the waiting crowd below… yeah I have just realised how strange that sounds but to a little kid it is actually very exciting. 576 more words

Will Blueberry Me?

Even if walking down the aisle is not part of your future plans, you will fall in love with these blueberry confections and enter a blissful world of muffintrimony. 201 more words


Much too much mud cake

Vanilla and ordinary sugar and flour,

Some salt plus cocoa and baking powder.

Mix it all up, add oat milk and oil,

Melt down some chocolate, microwave it or boil. 102 more words


What Ice Creams are Made of

Question: Cookies or Cupcakes?

Answer: Ice Cream.


This recipe sprang forth from perusing several  different ice cream and frozen custard recipes, focusing on what… 442 more words


Yoghurt Muffin

I first tasted these yoghurt muffins when I went to visit my mum and I just loved them. I may have been hungry but they were simply delicious and I couldn’t wait to bake them at home. 281 more words

Cakes Delight