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Make Monday Magical with Lavish, Luxurious Leftovers....

Coeur a la crème- that luscious blend of curd cheese, cream and crème fraiche, flavoured with Blossom Honey and vanilla sugar is a heavenly treat to make and eat. 84 more words


The Banana Heaven Cake

                                      Some friends of mine tried it.
                                                                          Some baked it with me

Some heard about it.

Now you know the secret recipe and will be able to bake it yourself! 148 more words


2 Ingredient Homemade Vanilla Extract

Making your own Vanilla Extract couldn’t be easier with this 2 ingredient DIY Homemade recipe.
212 more words

Local Recipes

Earl Grey Milk Jam

Happy new year, everyone!

I hope your end of the year was filled with love, wonderful and indulgent food, and delicious wine. Are you on a detox? 384 more words


The Tuesday of Months — brightened with Vegan Raspberry, Orange Zest and Vanilla Sugar Doughnuts

There’s nothing to say about the first Tuesday of the year.

Especially in the freezing, dark Northern hemisphere.

Especially in Berlin, where it’s not even having the good grace to snow. 839 more words


Home Made Chocolate Syrup

Home Made Chocolate Syrup

One of my favorite things while growing up was breakfast. Dad’s favorite was chocolate milk, toast with cherry preserves, and pancakes with sausage. 188 more words

Vanilla Kipferls

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Hope 2015 brings everyone lots of sweets and happiness ! :) Continuing the holiday spirit here’s a European Christmas classic,the Kipferl. Although it is pretty good for any occasion including every morning with your coffee ;) . 534 more words