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11 Week Update

Well, we have made it to 11 weeks, Little Baby and I.

The Nausea has subsided and I have been so hungry lately. I ate so much yesterday and didn’t get full until right before bed. 948 more words

Tanja Kobasic, Author

There is one author who is dear to me. One that has virtually put everything on hold to get her stories told. I have known this person for over eight years and counting. 324 more words

Blue Ink

Heartbreak and Happiness

How is it possible to feel complete heartbreak and utter happiness at the same time? Today has been a roller coaster of emotions. I didn’t even think I could write this today. 864 more words

Graduation Day & Baby B

Friday was an amazing day. I “graduated” from my fertility specialist. That means, from now on, I am under the care of an OB, just like a regular pregnant lady. 400 more words

Secondary Infertility

Cyrtandra baileyi (Gesneriaceae)

In wet places in the Australian rainforest dwells Cyrtandra baileyi, a delicate relative of the African violet. This shrub which appears to be restricted to permanently wet places in rainforest, is endemic to the region and was first collected by botanist Frederick Manson Bailey. 102 more words

Habitat - Rain Forest

Vanishing Twin (Untapped #1) by Tanja Kobasic

Vanishing Twin is the first book in the Untapped series by Author Tanja Kobasic.


Scarlett and Jade are conjoined twins born to a thirteen year old mother who life to huff paint. 358 more words


4w5d: Still Bleeding

I think I’ve exhausted all of the forums online that come up when you google “red bleeding but high HCG”.

Thank you everyone for your support during all of this. 346 more words