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Caseflow Management, the Heart of Court Administration

What is at the center of what we do in the courts?  We process cases!  Every court activity revolves around the administration of each case filing, be it managing HR, finance and budget, IT, records, facilities, security, etc.  1,252 more words

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Day One Thousand Thirty One #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

We found the spot where the tanker truck had been abandoned. Or, at least, we thought we did. For whatever wreckage had been there, had been removed. 93 more words

Diary Of The End Of The World

Breaking Through Verbal Communication Deadlocks

How often do we have problems understanding and being understood in our important verbal communication?  Far too often!  I’ve recently been reminded of some core principles of effective communication that are worth passing on, because we all can do better. 733 more words

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A Few More Thoughts About Mentoring

As I’ve written before (see https://courtleader.net/2018/06/19/tips-for-staying-fresh-or-dont-get-left-behind-part-one/ and https://courtleader.net/2018/08/29/legendary-leadership-advice/), mentoring is an important activity for court leaders (and followers!).  Below I offer a few more thoughts about mentoring, including a caution for mentors as well as some tips for prospective mentees and mentors in finding a helpful and fulfilling mentoring relationship. 512 more words

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Legendary Leadership Advice

In a prior Vantage Point post I stressed the importance of mentoring relationships (https://courtleader.net/2018/06/19/tips-for-staying-fresh-or-dont-get-left-behind-part-one/).  The best mentor I ever had was Rick Weare, Clerk of Court in the U.S. 562 more words

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It's Getting Real

Yep. It’s getting real.  I went to school yesterday to do some prep work only to find that my para had decorated the door with our names and our students’ names for the year, did my bulletin board in the classroom, did the bulletin board outside my door AND created a welcome back wall. 130 more words


Sailaway? Where Is The Best Vantage Point?

All pre-departure checks have been made, the dreaded muster drill has been performed and the lines are being cast. It can only mean one thing – sailaway time! 861 more words

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